Time On Our Hands!

Adam Upcott and Charlie Stayce entertain us there. Probably don’t try that one straight off at home, where some of you may still be in lockdown and with plenty ‘time on your hands’!!

All gymnasts, acrobats, and their coaches will tell you that you can never spend enough time on your hands. Get shoulder strength and flexibility, add some core strength and, genuinely, anyone can do it. And as International Handstand day approaches, give it a go. This is something almost everyone can practice in their homes, with a few sensible precautions.

I’ve updated the HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 page with a feature on Adam, and I am now declaring it ‘full’. A new #2 gallery will appear shortly.

So, one more of Adam here, and then we’ll move on to the gym work you can do for shoulder and core strength!

Here’s Adam’s older brother Edward, also a brilliant acrobat and now a stunt performer, after a useful gym workout:

And Edward again, boxing:

And so into the gym proper, working those shoulders!

He’s doing abs as well, which leads us neatly to core strength…

…and LOWER just as slowly…

I guess that you get the idea. Don’t forget your lower back also. The humble press-up is a great exercise…

And as for the flexibility I mentioned, well here’s an interesting test which offers both flexibility and hand balancing… especially if you can walk around in this shape!

Good luck. Feel free to send me some ‘entries’ for international handstand day to gymacrobat@gmail.com !! Epic fails also welcome if you don’t mind them being posted.

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2 Responses to Time On Our Hands!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I was impressed by Adam and Charlie. Are they professionals with an act?

    • tonycavanagh says:

      No, because they are still competing in acrobatic gymnastics. Often, these acrobatic gymnasts go on to Cirque (for example), often via Pirates Reloaded in Majorca, but no-one is interested in them until they stop competing. Of course, they may have other career interests… something where they can actually earn some sensible money! I stress again that, although this stuff looks amazing, all you have to do is TRAIN and commit to the sport above all else. Then it happens. As I say, once you develop the shoulder and arm strength, and learn how to hold the rest of your body… it all becomes possible. Adam will have practiced one-armers endlessly on a ‘rocky’ block to that he can control his balance even when a small but unpredictable movement occurs under him. Usually the base is responsible for maintaining the balance once it is achieved, but that cannot entirely happen in the skill in the video!

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