Sweating It Out

Get really into your sport – or your training for it – and the reward is ‘a good sweat’! Those lads are featured on WRESTLING GALLERY #2 by the way – go check out the whole set. Btw, I have also dedicated a page to THE YOUNGER GENERATION. Strictly celebrating their efforts in their sports.

My various coaches always insisted that, if we didn’t break a sweat, we hadn’t worked hard enough. Apparently, you can even buy shorts with an appropriate reminder:

Indeed. skipping does it well enough!

Here’s a lad celebrating his gym workout for us:

As he says, cardio ‘does it good’ despite the fact that ‘it is killing’ him! And check out the quick glimpse of his back development.

Some more suitably sweaty guys:

Getting sweaty by just lying in the sun probably doesn’t count – however, it does put a nice ‘gloss’ on the musculature for the photo!

Combine sunshine AND a workout, and you’ll be sweating for sure:

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