Shouldering The Load

Today we focus on deltoids and traps, and how they complement the work done on chest, back and abs…

…and not just from the top down. Of course, we can admire the other muscles displayed by the boys as well! … …

…and boys at various stages of their development.

This next guy’s got the traps… so why does he hide them behind his phone?? !! …

And finally, the best shoulder exercises… pull…

…and push!

Some dips…

…and some lateral raises…

Front raises too, and try various other body positions – lying flat, 45 degrees, and so forth. Enjoy!

About tony

Born Northampton UK
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2 Responses to Shouldering The Load

  1. jpdgigi12100 says:

    Thanks for your fantastic cute guys muscles Best friendships from FRANCE

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