What’s The Story?

Sometimes we come across a picture which begs a question…

The expressions on the faces of the onlookers don’t help – those nearer the left look aghast, those nearer the right are laughing. Is he ill? Is he wrestling an invisible opponent? Possibly that shadow on the grass confirms that. Any which way, I’ve updated WRESTLING GALLERY #2 so go check out a load of new pictures there! Some tasters:

Now check this out:

They don’t look too happy, do they? Ready to fight? Twins posing? Who knows? But a great image, accentuated by greying out the background, which is a feature of all images found at sixpackde.tumblr.com by the way. Or this one?

Shower-room ragging? A bit of unkind mockery? Something a bit “gay”? No idea… but that reminds me that I have updated the GENTLY GAY page as well! Not to forget some more at GYMNASTS GALLERY #2 and HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #2.

OK. The next ‘group hug’ looks a lot more friendly! Swim-team frolics, I think:

Here we have a bizarre outfit, chosen I suspect by the photographer just for effect:

Unless the guy is into bondage, obviously!

Now then:

Shall we just say that he’s a well-muscled lad, ‘dressed’ up for the photographer and with a discreet hand in the right place?

I know the answer to this next one:

That’s a Russian rhythmic gymnastics / dance display team, wound up for the occasion! And here they are in performance, just for the record:

Some competition from the Scandinavians:

Enough for today. I’ve posted about 60 new images in various places around the site, so just go and explore! There are many for which you can make up your own back stories!

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1 Response to What’s The Story?

  1. Platinumboy says:

    What’s the story? He’s wrestling a gerbil.

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