“Don’t Look Up!”

It seems to be a rule for a lot of fitness guys in photos!

Abs are maybe more interesting than the photographer? “Count those muscles…!”

“Am I highlighted enough?”

“OK, I’m got soap in my eyes, right?”

It’s all about ‘abs-miration’, isn’t it!

Not too bad, that one – whereas this next probably has some excuse!

Maybe it is to direct the viewer’s eye to what the model most wants to show off…?

Too focused on the camera to notice how obscured his body is! Here’s another:

…And if he was going to hitch up his shorts to show off his quad development, he forgot! Some more of the same:

At least he’s looking at what he’s doing… and checking out your shoulders is a change from checking the abs:

Looking down with a good reason:

A different reason?

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