“Ready to Train…”

“Ready to Train… Take the Strain… Endure the Pain… Enjoy the Gain!”

Absolutely! Here’s Rex at the start of his 100-pushup challenge. We’ll come back to him later…

Here’s someone suitably dressed for his rear-delt flies, with a couple of other shirtless lifters in the background:

Shoulders and abs in one go…

Rex is still hard at work in his bathroom, more than half way through and getting sweaty

Just the abs next: but why not actually take that vest off?

Getting ready to ‘do’ the abs while hanging upside down: I think he needs a slightly higher bar!

OK, let’s hit those weights:

…or just the bodyweight will do, of course…

Here are some more hard-working ‘sweat raisers’:

Skipping is great for cardio – and for sweating, especially out in the sun… running too:

(Ooh – wonder if that one will get past Tumblr’s bots… they’ve killed two of my recent posts with just bare chests on them, so we’ll see what happens when WordPress shares it)

Someone seems to have been working out before bed…

Rex finally gets there!

Well done, that boy!! If your routine hasn’t raised a sweat, then you haven’t worked hard enough!! Here’s someone else headed in the right direction…

And where better to go next than the sauna – sweat and relax the muscles at the same time!

…and get the photographer to do a sweaty close-up of those excellent abs and chest…

So there we go. Sweat = progress! Effort = reward! Let’s get to it!

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