Sporting groups! Gymnasts, weight trainers, wrestlers, swimmers… hope you like!

(I KNOW… that’s a ‘team’ of porn artists. But… … …)

(Don’t forget to look up all the gymnasts on the other pages on this sites!)


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  1. Platinumboy says:

    OK, so it was a team of porn artists. You’ve got to admit that some are truly great athletes. One Czech guy (I think Wm. Higgins or Bel Ami) stated in his DVD interview that he was a restless boy whose single mother couldn’t keep up with him after school/work. Her solution was to put her then- 5yo boy in a gymnastics program in order for him to come home exhausted. Today, he’s in great shape and in his time in porn, he has learned many skills regarding film and still photography. Of course, I think Wm. Higgins and Bel Ami might be unique in the way those companies encourage career orientation, but physical fitness is certainly a big deal for them.

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