Check This Out!

Rightly proud of what they have and how hard they worked for it!

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  1. Platinumboy says:

    As I was perusing the pictures, I was suddenly reminded that when I was a kid, physical fitness was a big thing on TV. It wasn’t just Jack Lalanne. I remember PBS had” Lilias, Yoga and You” as well as at least one other fitness program where one could exercise along with the ladies. Additionally, here in Chicago, the local ABC station ran a movie hosted by an ex-actress who would lead exercises during breaks. This continued through the 70s when a local talk show replaced the movie. Additionally, as I’ve said before, I had an incredible variety of PE activities throughout the year in elementary school including a gymnastics section and soccer. I started school in 1969. This, of course, was shortly after the Kennedy Administration (in America, of course). Kennedy stressed physical fitness and made sure that PE and Fine Arts were fully funded in his day. After the 70s, though, that physical fitness theme was slowly taken away as PE and Fine Arts were slowly defunded. I certainly wish we could get another “physical fitness” President. What saved me was the Sokol movement in my area, led by the local Czech population, especially. The Sokol clubs were filled with people from youngsters to men and women in their 80s and 90s. To me, “old” did not mean sickly and unfit. I knew it, because my Dad could still clobber us when he was 80 and we were teens and adults! Another thing locally was that many of Chicago’s city parks were equipped with full-service fieldhouses with indoor pools and a variety of athletic offerings. Settlement Houses were big, too. These were not only places where recent immigrants could gather to learn English, local customs and simply fellowship. These places offered adult education and fitness opportunities, too! Settlement Houses are gone, too. I was just remembering a day when fitness ruled in America! Let’s not forget the good old YMCA/YWCA!

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