Shirtless Weekend?

Hope that the weather – or your venues – support shirtlessness! After all that fitness work – it surely deserves to be seen!

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4 Responses to Shirtless Weekend?

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The 50s 60s and 70s were a time when one could go naked with your built body in designated areas in the U. S. (all-male nudist resorts, especially California and the American Southwest), and nobody cared!

    • I’m naked whenever here at home and when in the midst of like-minded-guys. Naked right now and enjoying it.

      On an entirely separate note it seems many of the super cuties in too many of the photos have not been told there’s a dangerous virus often spread through close contact with others. They ought to educate themselves so they don’t infect the rest of us.

      • Platinumboy says:

        It’s worth noting that we don’t know when any particular photo was taken or under what conditions. That said,you are right. Appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of all diseases is highly recommended. (I was once an AF Medical Services Specialist working on a surgical unit.) The CDC reports 39M to 56M flu cases and 24,000 to 62,00 deaths while caronavirus is estimated at 395,296 cases and 12, 757 deaths as of April 7, 2020 (all figures from I think that is a significant number in any season. BTW, flu accounts for 410,000-740,000 hospitalizations this year, a significant number, also. Let’s all be safe and sensible, cautious and respectful. Some people I know who don’t wear a mask have a medical exemption, such as claustrophobia.

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