Don’t Touch!

A brief but interesting debate has opened up in the comments of the previous post. In the wake of Covid-19, can we ever touch one another again (if we not in the same household)?

Well, the wrestlers (just updated at WRESTLING GALLERY #2) are going to be pretty peeved if not! How are we supposed to support young gymnasts learning tricky moves on the equipment? And as for that friendly arm around the shoulders or the waist…?

Oh, come on. I grant that it’s somewhat worse than the flu epidemics we so often encounter, but its not Bubonic Plague. Of course we are going to do all of those things and chill with our mates… before long.

Most of the pix I post pre-date Covid-19 anyway. Can we please just enjoy our male bonding and look to the future?

Not least with our CARING AND SHARING couples, also newly updated today. For example:

And now some more general ones…

Can’t get much closer than that!


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3 Responses to Don’t Touch!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    You are right. Just enjoy the pics. Sometimes I can be rightly accused of being overanalytical. I apologize.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Absolutely don’t apologise!! I just wish that more readers would comment instead of a trusty couple (one of whom I mostly have to delete as it is overtly sexual). With nearly 3 million hits on this site, somebody else must be enjoying something!

      • Platinumboy says:

        Right On! Thanks! Three million hits? Have you ever thought about accepting ads? It can be annoying to readers, but it may be worth your while.

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