Absolute Abs!

Putting in the work…

…and showing off the results! Keep up the good work, guys!

And to finish off for today – a great tan to go with those abs – surely a ‘winning hand’?

I get two regular questions about abs, so let’s put those right:

You are either born with six or eight, and eight is rare. If your’re a six-pack guy, you cannot magic up another two however hard you try!

Your abs either ‘line up’ (more common) or are offset. Just three in today’s post, and one marginal. Again, what you’re born with is what you have. If you don’t like it – blame mum or dad!

No amount of training will change those basics. But these guys show us what regular training will do!! Hope you enjoyed.

Despite that final picture, remember that abs are for all seasons – not just for the beach! Keep up that hard work.

About tony

Born Northampton UK
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