Available in All Sizes

Those guys should be a team… an idea comes at the end. Age, and certainly height, offer no barriers to fitness!

What a stupid choice for a theme!! It’s actually quite hard to find pics where the guys are clearly different in height or build. Oh well, never again! The first one is definitely our favourite and we wonder if they are sporting group – maybe a men’s four in acrobatic gymnastics. if not, they should be!

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3 Responses to Available in All Sizes

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Your first photo may be a family portrait. I know several large families where the kids are of varying hair colors and types where the boys could look all different and the last could be substantially younger than the rest. In one family of 12 I know, the kids have have all three basic hair colors: blonde, brunette and redhead. Yet, they are the product of the same parents, both brunettes. The oldest is about 30 (a boy, blonde) while the youngest, about 13, is brunette. In between are an array of siblings , none of whom look exactly alike.

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