Loving and Wrestling…

…just two ways in which two guys enjoy spending time together!

I just added 50 new wrestling pictures to WRESTLING GALLERY #2 – CHECK THEM OUT! Here are a couple of previews:

And as for the ‘loving’ bit – 35 new cosy couples making the most of their time together on the CARING AND SHARING page:

for example:

…and I particularly like this one because it combines the pleasure of time together with one of our favourite pastimes – weight training:

…must be a couple because of the matching kit!

I also added a small amount of new stuff at GENTLY GAY and at THE YOUNGER GENERATION, which celebrates up and coming young sportsmen and lads who are conscious about improving their body image and has nothing gay in it whatsoever… … … they do enjoy their wrestling though, as you can see if you look around that page!

And finally, as well as being off topic even in this mash-up of a post, and image I noticed which might be photo-shopped or might be real (the writing looks as though it has been superimposed). Either way, it is surely good news for us fitter guys who are proud of what we have worked for, as a welcome to this site!

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