School PE – Gymnastics and More!

I came across this great image yesterday:

This was like school PE in my day (except that in my school we went barefoot, and to find every boy smiling would be rare!). Actually this was a school in Derby, UK I believe. They called it ‘gym’, but not as we know it (HaHa) – not today’s gymnastics with the boy’s/men’s six apparatus we’re so familiar with now. But it inspired many of us, me included, to take up gymnastics as a sport, often as a result of an inspirational PE master (mine was called ‘Chalky’ so I leave you to guess his name).

This is why I have several galleries featuring gymnastics on this site, and an opportunity to report on a large update today on GYMNASTS GALLERY #2! I also feature some younger gymnasts from time to time on THE YOUNGER GENERATION page, where boys clearly into their physical sports and keen to develop their body image are featured.

Here are some examples from recent updates to whet your appetite to go explore this site further.

This one shows acrobatic gymnasts training (Adam Upcott [top] and Charlie Tate, world champions)…

…many elite acro gym participants go on to take part in professional shows. Which leads us neatly to performance!

It is unclear to me precisely what is going on there. However, crash mats are involved so it is some sort of tumbling display but clearly a performance in front of an audience, and now this post features numerous acrobatic performers in training and in shows, all built up from that original school PE! Still largely shirtless and barefoot! Enjoy!

P.S. Hand balancing of all types is usually featured separately at HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 AND #2. Then go to the index at the top of any of the pages, which will guide to numerous other acrobatically-themed pages.

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