Absolutely no POSING allowed today!

Well, probably some of those were posed (a bit) because totally candid images seem hard to find amongst those we have collected. Oh well.

Another totally off-topic SNAPSHOT fact:

Currently, in Europe, at any point in time, on average, 1 person in around 21000 is infected with Covid-19. This means that every 20,999 people you come into contact with (on average) are perfectly safe to get near to, and the remaining one may only infect you with a chance of about 70%. Even if they do infect you, your chances of getting a severe reaction if you are in normal health is less that 5%. On this basis, does anyone agree with us that the current restrictions on social distancing (you should see the beaches here on Algarve!), sports (our local gymnastics club is limited in numbers, coaches cannot touch the gymnasts who must stay 1.2m apart and each coach must change their top after each group)… need we go on? In UK, the beaches are also packed and pubs are open (with some restrictions), and the infection rate still remains hugely below a typical flu epidemic while the current death rate is below the seasonal normal. Maybe we could all just get on with our lives… please??? We think it is called ‘herd immunity’, like those chicken-pox parties my mum used to take me to in the 80s!

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  1. Platinumboy says:

    You are correct, but the U. S. Presidential election hasn’t happened yet, and I’m afraid the Democrats will continue to make the same dire claims until that event occurs. Dr, Giedeskie (hope I got that right), who headed the Swedish and European Union CDC, stated this past spring that the British scientific paper upon which we are basing our decisions is “highly debatable”. Furthermore, he stated in an interview i read that the British scientist in question was wrong about every disease out break he predicted.

    So, I say, use normal precautions. Wash those hands and feet. Eat healthy. Use sanitizer if it helps. Don’t kiss the person with the runny nose. Sleep with your partner unless the partner has a cold. Enjoy life. Unless you’re in Chicago or California. It’s still illegal to enjoy life in those parts. Michigan, too.

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