Cucumbers with Anxiety

That’s us humans, apparently, as we share being just over 90% water with said vegetable! While today’s anxieties might just be about a certain pandemic, with most guys these days it is about BODY IMAGE.

Today’s selection surely have nothing to fear: we start with Tony Jarecki off Instagram:


About tony

Born Northampton UK
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1 Response to Cucumbers with Anxiety

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The frustrating thing for me at 56 is that no matter how hard I work at it (working out, right diet, bowel cleansing, taking supplements to help do the digestive work my body isn’t doing anymore, remaining active), it just isn’t enough without the “right DNA” to keep the body functioning at the right rate. I have two friends in their early sixties who could literally be on your blog (along with their sons) and none of them does a stroke of work to stay fit. They just are fit. Automatically. The same goes for their fathers (in their 80s), etc. (I’ve met them.) I work myself to death with minimal effect. I can say that I’m staying below 250 and don’t look too bad when I suck it in. My weight goes up and down eating only one meal a day! When I was a kid, I was the one who just stayed tiny with no effort. I worked hard to make it to 100 lbs. in Jr. High! That is the only part of my teen years I want back—the combo of hormones, etc. that kept me thin and active. It’s not just body image, those things made me feel healthier and more energetic, too. Every time I’ve seen people who are on hormone therapy, they gain. They don’t lose. I just read about Leptin supplement pills. Leptin is “secreted by fat cells…dialing down appetite while boosting metabolic rate — which helps put the brakes on weight gain.”
    (American Assoc. of Retired Persons) It’s tough getting one’s body to do the things it once did naturally to stay fit. Maybe one day, Science will have it all figured out. We can work out and replace the things our body has stopped producing to keep us fit.

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