Work Hard… Show Off! How to SHINE…

#1: SWEAT. Sweat is your reward for a hard workout…

…so we can appreciate sweaty boys, admiring both what they do and their results…

As my old school PE master used to say: “If you’re not sweating, you’re not working!” Not that we ever did wrestling at school, mores the pity, except between ourselves in the grounds!

Of course, you can visit a sauna after the workout, where the sweating counts as relaxation:

After 2½ hours in the gym, working hard, why would he wear his vest in the sauna? Oh well, we’ve posted him shirtless several times already. But there’s no accounting for taste: this one wears long pants, socks and trainers…

That’s better, but I don’t think it is hot enough.

#2: OIL. After all that effort, time to show off what you’ve built. Maybe reach for the oil bottle?

We’ve had several wrestle pics already: of course, oil features prominently in kirkpinar and, for some, there’s no holding back…

Apparently, holds down inside the leather shorts are allowed! Ready for action:

There’s plenty of kirkpinar on our WRESTLING GALLERY pages. And some wrestling with the baby oil too, which makes the usual holds much harder to keep as your opponent slips out of everything…

#3: LIGHTING, To round off today’s somewhat mixed bag, we’ll finally let some boys SHINE for us as a result of brilliant lighting design by their photographer… a great way to show off your workout results.

Hope that you found something of interest here today!


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2 Responses to Work Hard… Show Off! How to SHINE…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The last photo is a great example of the kind of photography for which you are looking. Backlighting helps create depth and shadowing. This adds a bit of mystery to the fog. What is coming towards him in the fog? Is it just a dream? (Sometimes in my sleep, I dream that my workouts have finally given me the body of my youth.) As far as the sauna is concerned, one value of the sauna worth mentioning is the release of toxins and other body pollutants when one sweats. My Dad was not only an athlete, but a heavy smoker. He was born in 1901 and died of cancer in 1982, but in between maintained his swimmer’s build his whole life without doing more than walking everywhere. Sometimes I wonder how he did it. I have a neighbor who smokes heavily while he is riding his bicycle. This makes no sense to me. Anyway, Dad would sweat profusely at night and release all those cigarette toxins. It was so bad that Mom would wash his sheets separately and return them immediately to his bed. He used the same set of sheets for years due to the cigarette toxins. They were so bad that his sheets could be yellowish brown before laundering, so if a man has access to a sauna, he should use it! Also, I personally have a fondness for a well-oiled guy freshly “watered” so he’s glistening and drops of water form on him. Just a thought.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Interesting! What is cool here is that you admit to workouts, even if you are not happy with the results. Keep them up, but don’t overdo things. Secret admission – both Dave and I are seeing a little ‘tummy fat’ developing which doesn’t seem to go away despite an allegedly healthy food intake (Portuguese cuisine is hardly fat-based except for an addiction to carbo via potato, in most soups for example) and plenty exercise. I have no issue with Dave’s sweat nor he – I assume – with mine! C’est la vie, as they say. Do what you can, stay healthy, and enjoy what you do. And thanks for your support here.

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