“No Shorts, No ‘Smugglers’…”

“…guess my undies will do!”

Surprising how many guys seem happy to appear in public in just their undies these days. And how many like to post pictures of themselves in their undies to show off their bodies, even when they are not actually advertising the undies. Probably some of these are. Let’s see what we can find on the beach, in the gym, in bathrooms and locker rooms, and in the photographers’ studios…

There’s safety in numbers…

Here’s a nice one – a hot tub in the snow… definitely ‘cool’!

That one is from Fitcasting (of Prague and Vilnius) – their product is training pictures but they always use undies, presumably getting a fee in the process

Yes, you saw Juan in his garage yesterday – but he still had his shorts on then!

Spiderman? … … …

Guess that with bodybuilders, the whole point is to reveal as much as possible…

I suppose locker rooms are an obvious place to get into a picture in your undies… and in bed, obviously…

…or, indeed, just out of it. How often do YOU invite a mate round to photograph you in bed? Unless he’s your partner, obviously.

Of course, if you’re a famous model, like Adam, there’s nothing to it… and he DOES get money for showing the undies, for sure…

Even Ronaldo does it in his underwear…

Anyone fancy a trip to the lake? … …

And finally – fun in the loft!


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2 Responses to “No Shorts, No ‘Smugglers’…”

  1. Jordan Guo says:

    WOW!!! Is it possible for you to post this kind of content onto ‘the younger generation’?

    • tony says:

      Not really, no. We don’t want to get arrested for posting suggestive pics of under-age boys, which is an absolute no-no in Europe – and to us. The purpose of starting The Younger Generation page was to encourage boys who very obviously are dedicated to their fitness and/or have talent in acrobatics or whatever sport it is. It is not for voyeurs, I’m afraid, and if that is what you want you must look elsewhere.

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