OK, Dave – I leave the desk for a second and you go post that definition just because you saw the title. Oh well!! Joke over.

What I MEANT was muscular definition, right? Let’s check out some good examples!

It’s all about putting in the effort and then enjoying the rewards. And having a joke, sometimes 🙂

There’s a clue in that image!

Coming shortly: major updates to our gymnasts and handstand files. Watch this space! Meanwhile, go to the index at the top of the page and go explore what is already there!

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  1. Platinumboy says:

    I was sure a name for the phobia where one is certain one’s parents are watching us—and disapproving of everything we do—exists, but I couldn’t find one. June Cleaver, Beaver’s Mom on “Leave It To Beaver” suffered from it. Her kids had to be perfect when Aunt Martha dropped by and June had to call her husband at work when the Principal called June down to the school. The Principal used to be June’s teacher and June couldn’t handle the thought that her former teacher would be disappointed in June’s parenting skills. i don’t know anybody who has ever been in that situation, but can you imagine how you would feel if your ex-teacher called you in to discuss your son’s latest indiscretion? (Surprised? No. We rather expected it at some point.)

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