What You See is What You’ll Get

A number of recent contacts from visitors to this site bother us a little. This blog and all the associated pages are here to promote fitness in guys of all ages, show our love of acrobatic sports (and wrestling) and give a nod to those who have no issues with single-sex relationships.

One time the site was here essentially to promote my books, but that’s another story for another time, and I am thinking of adding a new page for that. Btw, any remaining links to publishers should not be followed because they went bust and any royalties arising from purchases not through me give me nothing in return, and that includes Amazon.

What you will not find here is any porn or paedo stuff. Yes, we have a page called The Young Generation, which is meant to salute those younger kids who are clearly into their fitness, working out in the gym and so forth, and which may occasionally include pictures like this one, taken in a Scottish Primary School in 1987 showing kids having fun with exceedingly basic acrobatic work aimed at giving them some sense of balance, a bit of strength, and a sense of needing to take care of each other’s safety… it was also posted with the permission of the parents (of course, these lads are now 33 years older!)…

…but nothing more. That, incidentally, taken from a freely accessible site run by their teacher at the time, and we’ll maybe put up some more in due course.

We don’t want to scrap the site or any of the pages, but we will do if we suspect that it is attracting the wrong sort of visitors. All coming here – whatever the age – are encouraged to do something physical to keep in shape – and to be inspired by the lads we display who clearly care about their body image or excel at their sport. We like to see the muscles at work and admire the results of hard work, so expect largely shirtless. But anyone asking for inappropriate content through comments or through email to gymacrobat@gmail.com – well, it “just ain’t gonna happen”. You might be surprised by the number of inappropriate comments that have not survived the moderating process. Or maybe not…

OK, lecture over. We  know that 99.9% of you visit the site because you love what we love, and that your very welcome visits are totally appropriate. A random selection of images follows for today: other pages will get updated shortly.

Btw: standing in the middle of fast railway tracks for a body-image shot is not recommended… we try not to promote danger either!

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1 Response to What You See is What You’ll Get

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I hope you will be able to continue. Kids need to be able to see pictures of other kids going through the routine of getting fit. As I have said before, the Czech system of fitness for life (Sokol) is still vibrant in my hometown of Berwyn (and Cicero, Illinois), with people from age 5 t0 100 happily working out together. It’s just part of what makes Berwyn and Cicero special.

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