Service Interruption

I regret that I have been able to post only once in three days and have not done any page updates.

Massive computer crash but – no worries! – the files are all safe and things should get back to normal within 24 hours from now. New laptop, another portable drive, a very clever guy who could interrogate my old hard drive directly… all helps to pass the time I suppose!

Thanks for tuning in meanwhile – there is plenty to explore.


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2 Responses to Service Interruption

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The service interruption made me smile at a memory from “the dawn of television”. Equipment crashes were not uncommon in Chicago, and the local stations took them humorously. Many times, you’d be stuck with a card featuring the newsteam’s smiling faces and an announcer telling you to “Please Stand By” (later the name of short-lived comedy set at a TV station). My favorite “card” featured the station manager frantically tearing apart the camera while the operator looked quizzically at the unplugged electrical cord. One time ABC7 in Chicago was doing a water safety show featuring some rather active preschoolers. Big mistake. The kids soon had the studio flooded and the Fire Department ordered the station to go dark. Fortunately, they had other broadcast facilities for emergencies. We were soon treated to the (rather delightful) comedy series “Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. I guess I’ll “Please Stand By” and watch a little “Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. Try it. You’ll like it! Meanwhile, make up a humorous “Please Stand By” card.

    • tony says:

      Great idea! But hopefully the new computer will work OK for a while….. currently on Dave’s even older and crankier machine whose operating system is an abacus…

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