Don’t Look Down!

No, we’re not on some craggy mountain ridge… just rather fed up with the number of boys who show us the top of their heads in photos. Sometimes admiring their own abs, I suppose, and trying to direct our attention to them. In these examples, there is still much to admire:

I’m minded to comment on that one, but not sure what to say… intense ‘vacuum stomach’ unless this is photoshopped

No doubt what he’s admiring!

Looking at the phone when taking selfies is another irriration!

I’ll let him off – he’s no doubt checking his form…

Guess I let him off too, since he’s checking his barbie…

What exactly does he think he is measuring?

Hands hurt?

Perhaps when you’re caught in mid-action, the head down is excuasable…

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for what you can see… “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

About tony

Born Northampton UK
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