…even your own weight (or someone else’s) will do! Every muscle movement helps. For example:

Yep. Four of the same guy. So what?

If it makes you sweat, so much the better!

A little friendly envouragement.

Pity about the shirt

That’s “Andrey Muscle”, YouTube star. So is this:

Some combination going on there

Someone there took my blog title literally

Yes, your own legs count

Bet you didn’t expect that one!

Sorry. I do try to avoid harvesting those ‘stock photos’, but image searches seem to be loaded with them these days

As long as James is doing inverted ab cruches, he’s in this set

No use just thinking about it!

And finally…

…hope that one gets past the Tumblr bots in the re-post!

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3 Responses to Just Lift SOMETHING…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I know that some photos become “public domain” after being used so much, but does that last picture have a credit for the photographer? It looks like it might have been done by AMG.

    • tony says:

      Actually we don’t know. I haven’t cut anything off. And you may to inform us poor Brits exiled in Portugal who or what AMG is! Hope we haven’t infringed some copyright: we found it some Tumblr. Ciao

      • Platinumboy says:

        Don’t worry about infringement. AMG is the very famous (in America) Athletic Model Guild. Bob Mizer, a gay photographer of the 50’s through 80’s became well-known for his photographs of well-built, athletic men. He and his Mother owned a block-square compound of California houses. This was not only his movie (16 mm silent) and photography studio, but home to Mizer and his beloved mother (who obviously knew what was going on). It was also a flophouse of sorts for the many good-looking men Mizer encountered. Check out some of his trailers on Vimeo to get an idea of his work. The Bob Mizer Foundation was recently formed when someone found his collection of Physique Pictorial magazines accidentally in a dump. Mizer died intestate without a family and the Foundation believes his models dumped everything (including his photos and negatives) in a remote roadside dump, where they were discovered. Menvintage.com has even more examples. Arnold Schwarzenegger posed for Mizer. A famous photo exists of Arnold in a swimsuit holding a boy of about 12 in a swimsuit on Arnold’s shoulder. It’s all over the internet. It was shot at Mizer’s pool, a very well-known location in Mizer’s photography. I uderstand the Arnold photo has even been on European museum display.

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