‘Flagrantly Shirtless…’

Here in the Algarve there is such a large British population that we get all the newspapers and their supplements in full. The title quote comes from a piece by Times columnist Robert Carmpton, writing about his son during lockdown “…training in the front garden, flagrantly shirtless, to the delight of passers by!”

And why not? His son is apparently very fit and enjoys wrestling.

I guess ‘flagrantly’ means guys who have pulled their tops off, usually outside, where many perhaps wouldn’t, so rules out Speedo guys on the beach and so forth (but we’ll allow the next pic)… so that sets today’s criterion!

Here are some more ‘flagrantly shirtless’ boys with something to show us and for you to enjoy!

Yep, technically he IS shirtless!

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Born Northampton UK
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