Let’s Face It…

Today’s pix are chosen for body image, as usual. But each face has a story to tell, or a message to convey… even though it is not always obvious what the message is. See what you think of this selection, starting with a rather enigmatic expression:

Next guy adds a stance to his facial expression… ‘don’t mess with me, I’m pretty tough.’ He is, too, especially through the angle of the shot.

‘Was there something?’

‘Well? How have I done?’

Looking down is rather a popular position when you have good abs!

‘Yeah, I know. They need ot be a bit tighter.’

A little ‘aloof’, I think:


‘Well, I’m pretty satisfied with this!’

‘Oooh – they are pretty good, aren’t they!’

‘I’m not sure I like you looking…’

‘Actually, I’m a bit tired right now’

‘Do I look fierce?’


‘Oh shit, I forgot…’

‘Stop arseing around with that camera. I’m ready for my swim.’

‘Surely I got a better score than that?’

‘Does this show me off at my best?’ (well, it would if he moved the phone a bit)

3 faces to interpret here: not sure what is going on actually!

‘If you don’t like it, tough.’

‘Yes! The bicep! Check the bicep!’

‘Those pull-ups were tough!’

‘Yes, I’m bigger than you, so there!’

‘Wadd’ya think?’

‘Not bad, am I?’

The smug “I know I’ve done well, and I’m proud of it!” And, in this case, well deserved!

Happy street workout dude

‘Are you wasting my workout time?’

‘Make me look my best, Mr Photographer.’

‘I’m knackered. Get on with it.’


‘I need a good selfie of my chest for my bf/gf’

‘I need to train harder..’

‘Caught you lookin’!’

‘Now, look here, stop pissing me off…’ (A bit of aggro? Maybe staged?)

‘I’m sad today.’

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