After All That Effort…

After all the effort of a good training session, you deserve a rest! I think that these first two lads are tumblers, although wrestling is a possibility given the nature of the floor…

Assuming they ARE gymnasts, then this is the point to let you know that I have just updated GYMNASTS GALLERY #2

Here are a couple of examples to whet your appetite before you go to the page:

That last one will find his way on to THE YOUNGER GENERATION page for sure.

Since sweat is the reward for any intensive training effort, here’s a little more: showing off some great abs too…

No wrestling updates today, but these particularly sweaty guys have already featured on WRESTLING GALLERY #3

There are three wrestling galleries now, plus a lot more featured on other pages if you go explore.

A few more exhausted or sweaty-looking worked-out guys for you:

And what to do after…

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2 Responses to After All That Effort…

  1. Lorenzo says:

    I am so happy

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