Introducing Daniel

By way of a change, a post devoted entirely to one young man. Here is 16yo Daniel training:

Notice that he is training his shoulders using kettlebells – that is significant.

Also, that’s his Dad, Oleg Teplitski, seen in the mirror. In fact, Daniel is a third-generation heavyweight juggler! He juggles the kettlebells, heavy sphere’s, and combines the act with other strength and balance moves. He is currently rehearsing a new show, and gained fame three years ago when, at the age of 13, he was banned from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ because his act was considered too dangerous at his age. He has, of course (and literally), gone from ‘strength to strength’. Note too that he is not a huge muscular person – quite the reverse, actually. He trains for strength, for what he needs. And that’s our message, always.

Daniel is of Russian heritage – his grandfather and father were famous there – but he lives in Birmingham, UK as do his parents.

Enjjy some more recent shots of Daniel in performance:

And here is his 13yo self! I think the weights were slightly smaller then! Compensated for by the hair, obviously!!

And here’s one at some mid-way age… showing another feature of the act:

Check out his videos on Facebook and YouTube because there are features of the act that don’t show well in still photography – not least manipulating the heavyweight ball around his body while keeping it in balance.

I’m sure that steel-capped boots have always been a feature of this act… just in case!



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2 Responses to Introducing Daniel

  1. Platiumboy says:

    The photos show what appears to be a circus act. With what circus does he work? In America, I do’t know of any major circuses left since Barnum and Bailey folded.

    • tony says:

      He does one-off shows and also small circus troupes in UK. Probably in other European countries and Russia too, but I am not sure. He lives in the centre of the UK.

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