Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

None of the fit young men featured on these pages has anything to be ashamed of (even if they do pose in their underpants!). Years ago, Dave and I were out for a run in small town Tennessee. It was a hot and humid afternoon, thick cloud with thunder growling around, and we wore just our gym shorts. We were even barefoot, as most of the circuit went along the edges of conjoined unfenced grassy backyards which are very common in the States. A woman weeding some plants in her yard pointed her trowel at us and angrily shouted “You should be ashamed of yourselves! My granddaughter might see you!” Tempted to say (and certainly thinking) “So what”, we just carried on. We had been shirtless all day, doing stuff around our own yard. Surely her granddaughter went swimming and saw boys with their tops off? Good job she was not aware that early morning we were accustomed to work out naked with some friends, in a private cabin at the top of our yard! My books cover all that stuff, by the way. I’m going to create a ‘books’ page soon.

The woman’s neighbour was also in his yard. In somewhat longer shorts than ours, and sweating buckets in a tee-shirt, which I feel sure he would have removed if his neighbour had not been there. He raised his eyes upwards, rolled them, and grinned at us in sympathy, shaking his head.

Big spots of rain started to fall, and it felt sooo good on our chests and backs as we finished our run. Oh, the simple pleasures of being fitness freaks!

More boys with nothing to be ashamed of… enjoy!

All of which goes ot show, I hope, that fitness does not just mean big muscles. Slim and strong is good too. None of these 40 guys have anything to be ashamed of… especially not taking their shirts off for us! A final thought:


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