Enough of That… STOP at Once!

Actually, what the title of this post means is that I am declaring our CARING AND SHARING page FULL. It has become too slow to load so, for the next update, we will start a new one. Here’s a couple from the latest update to whet your appetite for further exploration around this site:

By the way, taking your rat to bed is not generally recommended

Breaking our usual anti-tat rule because we rather like those as a matching pair.

OK. A few more, featuring boys in their underpants and therefore which some people might encourage them to desist (can’t imagine why…):

It’s OK, it’s Christmas… and we’re just showing you our muscles…

These, surely, are COMPLETELY innocent (after all, those are Speedos not underwear):

Hang on: where’s your left hand, exactly…?

And, staying in the gym, are your underpants showing a large bulge the ‘in’ garb for training now?

“It’s OK, I’m alone in my boat. No-one can see that it’s just undies…”

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1 Response to Enough of That… STOP at Once!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    When I initially saw the first picture, I thought the blonde was a much younger brother being held by his older brother, For me, that would have bee normal (and frequent) given that my nearest brothers are/were 10 and 15 years older than I.

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