Two’s (Always) Company [Megapost]

Not guys in love today: just guys enjoying things better by sharing them. And showing off their bodies as well, most of them!

Actually, those two will feature on ‘Caring and Sharing’ soon, in a slightly more ‘intimate’ embrace

Ah, lockerrooms: so often the source of good ‘buddie’ pictures taken after training!

Interesting how some many ‘mates’ pictures invove water (in it or on it)

Oh, do cheer up…

…that’s better…

That shirt really ought to come off

Oh dear, another guy who hasn’t had the message about shirts… especially with such an elegant guy next to him to compare with!

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1 Response to Two’s (Always) Company [Megapost]

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Sometimes, I think, the story behind the photo would be interesting. I know, though, that you pull most photos from the internet.

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