Checkin’ Out Workout Results

“Did I work hard enough, guys?” We think he probably did! And this guy has clearly done the business, too:

Let’s join some others in their gyms and admire the workout results!

Pity about the vest, though…

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1 Response to Checkin’ Out Workout Results

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Something that would be interesting would be “Then and Now” submissions to you. Jack Lalanne couldn’t have been the only one who was blessed with the DNA, time and money to continue looking good throughout the years. I’ve mentioned before that I know at least two men in their sixties who do absolutely nothing to keep in shape and, yet, look the same today as they did 25 years ago. My Dad, born in 1901, was the same. Seeing others who met that goal (and maybe hearing their stories) might be an encouragement to some. Time ravages all but a few of us. Let’s see what “the few” look like today and yesterday!

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