Update on Updates!

First and foremost, a new CARING AND SHARING #2 page is now available…

A warm welcome from those two guys, for sure. Of course, the previous one is still available, as are ALL the different pages shown in the index at the top of the page. Here’s a couple more couples from the new update, to start you off:

Old hands at this game will recognise ‘Zoom’, a porn star who eventually became a Latvian policeman

I have also updated the GENTLY GAY page, which shares the humour and some other stuff pertaining to the gay lifestyle, e.g.:

All of that was preceded by another page (now full) covering both themes – worth a look!

NEXT: more GYMNASTS, and again a couple of examples:

(That’s a form of ‘sharing’ we don’t often see! Conditioning rather than performing, obviously)

(Yes, gymnasts can get very tired after training!)

HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #2 also has some new entries, including:

Last of all, but by no means least, we continue to celebrate those boys –  THE YOUNGER GENERATION – who show remarkable dedication to fitness and sport from an early age. Updates there, too. How’s about this guy, for example…

…obviously exceedingly proud of himself. And how’s this for effort and determination from young gymnast Yevgeny?

And, while we’re at it, meet Bohdan, also from Russia: he impressed us with his pull-ups video in a recent post.

Now go explore all those other pages as well as historical blog posts (hundreds) and celebrate with us the importance of fitness and dedication in young men!

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