“You Can, and You Will”

Meet Jordan, putting in the effort to build his upper arm and chest strength. Check out the sweat!

That slightly optimistic title for this post comes from a quote on the wall of the gym featured here:

Certainly, motivation is what it is all about, and today I present some results to show you what a random cross-section of lads have achieved. It’s not about bodybuilding just for the sake of it – indeed, bodybuilder bodies are pretty useless for any sport. Strength, flexibility and endurance are what to train for, and the necessary muscle will arrive (assuming a sensible diet, of course).

Look good, and feel good about yourself! Starting now!

Some of them are obviously looking for big muscles: many are ‘just ordinary guys’ wanting to look with their shirts off and to be fit and ready for their sports.

You could be one of them – at any age. Give it a go after visiting more of our inspirational pages!


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