Musing on the Microbes – and Ways to ‘Pass The Parcel’

Wrestling is probably the least Covid-apprpriate sport! Hot sweaty guys, skin against skin, sharing their sweat, their spit, their dead skin cells and their personal microbe population… did you know that there are more microbes under your left armpit than there are people on the planet? And almost all of our personal biome is not only harmless, but essential to our wellbeing.

And so, those of that can, continue to enjoy these skin-contact sports: sports where the shirts so often come off because otherwise you overheat, or because (for acrobatic balance) you need a safe skin-on-skin contact. Swimmers – don’t rely on the chlorinated pool water to eliminate the risk – it only slows those microbes down! And in many sports, participants contact each other – supporting gymnasts as they learn new skills being just one example. An unavoidable ‘pass-the-parcel’ of our personal biology to our colleagues!

So many folks are deprived of these things at the moment, and we all wish for the return of normality. On these pages and posts there shall be no masks, nor evidence of strange restrictions and distancing. This site is about what we love, and the way in which we shall all return to doing it – eventually.

That said – I have updated WRESTLING GALLERY #3! Here are a couple more of the 22 new images just placed there:

You’ll notice that those two wretle pics are set in the grerat outdoors. In the northern hemisphere we are fast losing summer temperatures, but we can still enjoy the sights pleasures of it, especially if we push thoughts of bacteria and viruses right out of our minds…

OMG – they’re TOUCHING one another and not staying 2m apart (or whatever random distance has been chosen in your part of the world)! Wash those hands at once! Oh – and I cannot pass this one up…

…copied that from a Tumblr that you can only access from your dashboard, so probably this post won’t make it on to my Tumblr now… we’ll see.

More ‘boys being boys’ as we love to do… (OK, it’s not outdoors – you don’t need to point that out)

Have you noticed how so very often, lads put their arms around each other’s shoulders? “You’re my friend – have some of the population explosion from my armpit!”

…whereas some seem to want as much fresh air in their armpits as possible! … …

…and some seem to be able to resist altogether! … …

And as for these two…WELL!! … … …

Ohhhhh! He’s just applying SUN CREAM! That’s all right then.

A bit more solemn – unusual when two or more fit guys come together…

…whereas THESE Asians are just completely wild!

Finally, some regulation social distancing!

…or maybe they just had a falling out!  See you next time.


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2 Responses to Musing on the Microbes – and Ways to ‘Pass The Parcel’

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The one with the three men in the water, I think, is Bruce Weber and may be 30 plus years old. If so, it was taken at Bear Lake. I recommend the book along with Chop Suey, where a naked man and baby elephant play in the sun on a beach like brothers.

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