Packin’ The Pages

I’ve updated all the active pages in the last 24 hours: some examples here…




CARING AND SHARING #2CHECK! (That’s our gentle recognition of guys who love guys):

GENTLY GAY: CHECK! (This is where we amuse ourselves a little about the gay scene)

So there we are. Just a few of the things we like to show on this site. Of course, we’re extremely keen on general fitness, gym work and so forth, and showing off the rewards in terms of body image and capabilities: most of that ends up in these regular posts. And, to prove it, here are justa few more for you:

Of course, at the end of a sweaty workout session, it can sometimes feel like it’s all over…

…but then, when you have recovered, you can do “the big reveal” with a well-deserved slightly smug smile on your face…

SURELY, you have to agree that all the hard work in the gym was worth it?

OK, get busy exploring the rest of this site and then plan your workout regime for the week!



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1 Response to Packin’ The Pages

  1. Platinumboy says:

    RE: Caring and Sharing I know you prefer photos of young, fit boys kissing in this category, but when I was a kid, Dean Martin and, especially Don Rickles, kissed a lot of men on the lips on TV. Nobody questioned their sexuality.

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