Body Image (3) – Suitable Shorts

In our day (I can’t believe I am writing that, but a lot of water has passed under our bridge since I started writing about us in the books!), dress for gym training (both calisthenics and gymnastics) was short white shorts. Just that. It’s all we wore in school PE, and its what we liked to wear after that. Hot and sweaty lads don’t need anything more.

These days, we see guys training in shorts which come down even to calf level. They’re not shorts – you may as well wear a diving suit!

So, for today’s display of fit guys, I’ve chosen ‘shorts’ as the focus, starting with the better kind! You may need to overlook a couple of ‘bulges’ – you know how it is…

And this first guy is already on the GYMNASTS GALLERY #2

These white shorts are getting a bit long now, so we’ll change color…


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