Self Esteem

Don’t think that you have to turn yourself into a demigod to earn self-esteem: you deserve it from the moment that you step into a gym for the first time and take those first steps towards improved fitness! Or even start a home workout. These guys show how they feel. It’s surely about feeling self-confident and happy – not about looking like a champion bodybuilder. As we’ve said before, the intent of a fitness regime is to be good (no, better) at what you love to do…

Basically, once you are confident enough to be seen without your shirt – and especially to be posted or even to do a selfie for social media, then you should feel that self esteem flowing and pushing you on to ever greater things. At least, that is the idea, and it is why most of these guys are smiling! Unfortunately for some, ‘proud’ has to mean ‘tough and glowering’, but there we go!

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