Gymnasts and Acrobats

I’ve put a lot more gymnasts and arm-balancers into their relevant pages… GYMNASTS GALLERY #2 and HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #2. Ordinarily I don’t post them in blog posts as well (except a couple of ‘tasters’) but, just in case you are one of those people who doesn’t explore the other pages on this site, I’m posting rather more of them today to show you what you are missing. Then I’ll add some additional ones which don’t quite fit those pages but are close enough for today’s title! Enjoy! We’ll start with Adam enjoying the sun in Dubai:

OK, that’s enough “repeats”. I may need to change my future page categories a bit since there is clearly an overlap between handstands and gymnastics, and sometimes I am not consistent about where I put them. As to today’s: there’s a couple from THE YOUNGER GENERATION page in this post as well… that’s where celebrate the enthusiastic youngsters who are into their fitness and showing promise for their later years.

And now for some images just in this post.

Please notice the age range in that picture… you are NEVER too old to enjoy some acrobatic fun!

Next, proof positive that you can never have too many shirtless acrobatic boys together in one place:

I suppose that one’s a bit ‘naughty’ really and won’t get [ast the Tumblr bots when this page is shared – we’ll see!

Finally, noticing today’s date, I offer a suitable selfie. Enjoy your Hallowe’en as best you can in the circumstances!

Oh, and finally: I’m updating GENTLY GAY too, for those that appreciate that sort of thing…

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