On The Road to Success

All the guys we show today have clearly set themselves goals and are working towards them. There should always be a goal which is just that little bit further on… keeps you motivated. Enjoy today’s selection!

Snow is obviously no obstacle to shirtless training! And why not? sun’s out, and you’re going to keep moving…

The importance of a good diet is obvious…

There you are. 50 guys who have put in that essential effort to get themsevlevs looking good. You can do the same… it is akways worth the effort – for improving your participation in your chosen sport, to look good on the beach next season… or just for your own self-satisfaction.

All today’s pix came from various Tumblrs. Although I only copy across to Tumblr these essentially inocuous blog posts, for some reaon they terminated my account this morning. Trying to find out why… not least because it blocks my access to some Tumblrs which (frankly) have far more sensitive material on them than you would ever see here. But then, Tumblr have something of a reputation…

All good on WordPress here, and my selections on Facebook always seem to pass the test. Who knows? https://www.facebook.com/gymacrobattonycavanagh



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