Caring and Sharing

This is the page where we celebrate that special love between two guys, sharing their fun (and perhaps their lives). There is more of this on the older GAY EXPRESSION page (Click here) which is now full and will not be extended.

New material will be added just below this note, so scroll down for anything older!

23rd March 2020

…and, for good measure (or an extra helping) – a threesome!

16th March 2020

4th March 2020

More assorted couples…

14th February 2020

31st January 2020


16th January 2020

Some more caring twosomes… and some threesomes too!

29th December 2019

A few final Xmas-holiday pairings

…and that’s Christmas done with for another year. Whew!

24thDecember 2019

Christmas! A time for sharing the love…

8th December 2019

…a great place for a relaxing touch!

(…now that’s original!)

17th November 2019

More guys sharing their lives…

…and finally for today, the slightly ‘naughty’ ones…

29th October 2019

Another upload. This sequence ends with several great pictures of the same (real) gay couple Troy and Zander, who have elected to turn their relationship into a public one through their own social media activities. OK, why not? Some don’t (us!) but others do. Enjoy.

Love the acrobatic approach to love!

Go on, rub harder…

“There were three in the bed, and the little one said ‘Roll Over’…”

“C’Mon, get up!”

And now, Troy and Zander:

24th October 2019

6th October 2019

So much love around, need to update already!

OK, so a couple of those are quite obviously from porn shoots, but the feelings for each other seem evident enough, if only in anticipation of what might follow…

3rd October 2019

22nd September 2019

3rd September 2019

Getting It Together…

27th August 2019

More togetherness…

19th August 2019

Another set of tasteful (and sometimes definitely ‘tasty’) twosomes

1st August 2019

It takes two to tango… or in this case, 58 of ’em…

14th July 2019

Time for more cuddles!

7th July 2019

More great twosomes: an underwater one to start!

3rd July 2019

21st June 2019

Two ‘risque’ ones:

Time to say ‘nite nite’ and head off to bed:

19th June 2019

Here’s twenty more caring couples (OK, two of them are the same couple but never mind!).

13th June 2019

Four couples from Thailand, and then ten more!

6th June 2019

More loving and caring couples!

27th May 2019

One or two of these may be from porn shoots, but I try to select only the ones that look genuinely tender.

22nd May 2019. More great couples!

6th May 2019. A generous helping of sweet couples!

Opening with lads reading books… if only they were mine…

This next is probably the introduction to a porn shoot, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt…