Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics

Putting In The Work

Jan 21st 2018

…in the gym – and not just posing in front of the mirrors!


…if you must wear a top for gym, that one is pretty kewl…

It’s OK to work out outdoors!…

Flexible Friends

Jan 17th 2018

‘Your flexible friend’ was once an old slogan in the UK for a particular brand of credit card, I believe. Here in the world of fitness, we mean something slightly different:

We do seem to have rather a focus on ‘box splits’ here… and we’re not done with it yet…

…always more fun training with a friend! And performing…

And then to ‘bridge’-like positions…

Fighters use their flexibility too!

And, finally for this set, we join a Russian acrobat boy training in his bedroom.

Keeping Things In Proportion

Jan 15th 2018

…by which we mean not just creating a body with good ‘proportions’ (not excessively large muscles which inhibit movement!) but keeping the time spent training to reasonable amounts and not going OTT! Some images on the slimmer side which we think are good examples… we can visit the gym (and a gymnast in training), the beach, and guys generally having fun… or just taking selfies in the bathroom!

…and a happy face to round off this set!

Wet Boys

Jan 12th 2018

There’s something special when boys get wet – however they choose to do it!

Hot tub in the snow? Perfect!

Or, just the river but with added snow?

Maybe a sunny day would be better!

Rain can be ‘kewl’ though…

…especially with a friend…

We love that feeling… shirtless in the rain… but let’s try the beach. This guy has obviously been in the sea, but got himself ‘beached’…

Then, again, the river: underwear is clearly de rigour and a beer – why not?

Offshore.. nice setting!

Did I forget the swim pool…?

Tim H looking good in black and white (bit of a vintage one, this)…

…and back out of the water, on the poolside…

Wet boy, dry jeans… huh?

That, and the next two, look like professional-photographer set-ups:

…but they work for me!

Then we have the shower, of course:

The last two in this set are just testing the water – but at least their hands are wet!

Wet adventures (of all types!) are frequently found in the books… click on links for better information!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1


Jan 10th 2018

What’s the first thing the lads show off if they want to look tough? A ‘gun show’, as they say in the States!

Even more impressive with the addition of body oil…

Can I make ’em bigger?

Curly bar too:

Preacher curl should do the job…

…and the pull-up bar for sure!

…and doing a nice job on the shoulders and back there, too! On with the “show”, then:

Dumbbells at the ready…

…abs pretty kewl, too! A silks artist develops some neat biceps, too…

A classic pose finally – but it would be nice to see what is under that top!


Jan 7th 2018

Celebrating what one website we check out from time to time describes as ‘The Lost Art of the Hand Balance’… I don’t think so!

Good form so far… now check out these two guys. Who’s best?

Back muscles in tension, tight legs and stretched feet… ‘left’, definitely! Here’s a different ‘asymmetric’ take:

We can, of course, try some different shapes, although both of the next two would normally be limited to girls in formal acrobatic gymnastics:

Of course, for professional shows, guys can do whatever they can do!

Now, a mini-series of some guys having handstand fun: just dont’t look at the feet!

What else are change rooms for? OK, back outdoors now and two leafy scenes:

Wide-grip (like that) is a little harder – here’s another:

A planche is also a handstand, of course:

Back to one arm, then, for the final two today:

…which leads neatly into the ‘street workout’ set posted previously (below). Before that, a quick reminder of what this entire site is really for – to encourage you to settle down with a good book… starting with the 2017 publication. Click on covers and enjoy!

Street and Beach Workout

Jan 5th 2018

Celebrating the Bar Boys! And, except for the first, not a shirt in sight!

A rather basic set-up, but it does the job:

…and, after the human flag, an interesting neck exercise:

Gymnasts at Work, Rest and Play

Jan 2nd 2018

Let’s welcome a New Year with images of our favourite sport! Mainly rings and pommel horse this time and, naturally, everyone is training shirtless because that’s what we love to do!


crop 1 (121)



three gym lads














nile wilson


That final picture in this set is Chelyabinsk coach Adrey Telitsyn coaching the handstand in rings.

Guys Together

Dec 31st 2017

Guys sweating and straining together in the gym, encouraging each other pushing each other on to greater things. Or maybe guys sharing an apartment or room, comfortable in their shirtlessness and unconsciously supporting one another in that freedom. Or maybe deliberately, like these first two (although a pity they cannot spell!)…

…and, if they really do dEspise clothes… what about the jeans, gentlemen?

(Hmmm – that one looks a bit ‘staged’… but the muscle is good…)

Two happy gymnasts at rest there! And, if ‘two’s company’, three’s even better company…


Workout Satisfaction

Dec 29th 2017

After two sweaty hours, time to stand in front of the mirror – or a camera – and admire the results!

orientals gym



gym nike pro

gym lean selfie

gym pose 16

gym cutting up

gym yellow plate

gym selfie

gym oriental 3

gym 73










Now there’s a happy gym bunny to end this set on!

Ten Wrestling Pictures –  celebrating the so-called ‘manly art’!

Dec 27th 2017



two tumblr_p1faccUQxb1r7kwwno1_1280

wr 539f56f7

wr hornedheadscissor






…OK, the final one is a bit of a ‘staged’ picture, but fits the theme. If wrestling does not come in under the ‘guys fitness’ heading, then I don’t know what will!

This is the first picture update on this new page: hoping everything works, and comments (as ever) welcome either at the foot of the page (which will eventually be a VERY long way away!!) or via



This is where future fitness/performance-related images will be posted! Watch this space (note added 22nd December 2017).


17 Responses to Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics

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  2. Platinumboy says:

    Looks and works great! I hope it’s this easy every time!

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  4. Pingback: Workout Satisfaction | Tony Cavanagh

  5. Greg says:

    AWESOME wrestling photos. Wrestling is the KING of all manly sports. Muscle on muscle plus skill, technique, strength, stamina, and endurance. The ultimate test of the male body as two gladiators wrestle it out for total domination and supremacy. Best test of dominance for alpha males is to wrestler.

    Often, teens are satisfied to get into bodybuilding and weightlifting. I see them flex and pose in front of the mirrors and their buddies at the gym. While a fantastic muscular body is great, it’s even better to use those muscles in a wrestling match. Having a muscular body is like owning a fine sports car: you need to take it out for a spin and see what it can do.

    WRESTLING is the ultimate domination and supremacy match for two young alpha males proving their manhood.

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