Gay Expression

Here we shall find occasional new items on the theme of my first two books – LOVING THE BOY and THE POWER OF LOVE… i.e. GAY love. No significant porn, but guys showing their love and caring for one another in every which way. There may be occasional nudity and intimate images.

New Items will always be added immediately beneath this notice.



An Update for January 2019



6th January 2019


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two 041

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two kiss 2

two kiss 3

two kiss

two shower-oz3afk-ze-sm1w7lf51o1-1280

two shower-shot-2018-06-15-at-7-16-12-am

two tumblr_lzu631emi81qb45i0o1_500

two tumblr_ntvaa6blyq1qem4c8o1_500

two tumblr_pau6qqivd71xy49xzo1_640

two tumblr_pk1dduu8rh1s2sh0bo5_1280

two tumblr_pk1wsrlot51snxzxzo10_640

two wet tumblr_pcpwceoano1r904lio1_1280

two xx


two_our favorite spot


…and a bit more gay(ish) stuff…


light tumblr_pgsin4lwu41wicoq3o1_500

light andrew-shot-2019-01-02-at-5-38-37-pm


gay tumblr-n5yweb-xj-ir1t7g3y2o1-1280

gay tumblr_pgnnpmmqju1qkms95o1_1280

gay tumblr_peb96q0xb51uwtg3go1_500

More Twosomes

16th October 2018

two 22a73a995163734

two e786bb995163774

two J0Abr35

two mx03280

two tumblr_m8atzcB5zv1r76s4po1_500

two tumblr_nn35kkMq1T1sbydeco1_500

two tumblr_ojsdt1aC7Q1rjt8vno1_500

two tumblr_pefvliw2W41xxl9o9o1_640

two tumblr_pepe0q8CKu1qzcqino1_1280

two tumblr_pff3mo2oAX1vll1hao1_1280

two tumblr_pg488wu52R1rngqyd_500

Partners (Megapost)

5th October 2018

two tumblr_o7xyzqgmSP1uinqnco1_1280

two 00

two 0jsIdHM

two 0YcGmrf

two 1qDR7sX

two 2CwIotb

two 216

two Callum and Cole

two Ffwqw1u

two G77s0Yg

two IvhYYk6G_o

two IwFAWp3

two JoZhjTn

two kz9FhYM

two NPwzCK4

two qryPClr

two REJytilL_o

two Rjsd8Xf

two TecGmuR

two three

(Three’s not necessarily a crowd!)

two tumblr_n0j9hpQCT91tq24j4o1_500

two tumblr_nlha2vONr61u23uo0o1_1280

two tumblr_o6svnxuvf71uinqnco1_640

two tumblr_o396ryILGK1uinqnco1_1280

two tumblr_oakq6jyTcl1u5263so1_500

two tumblr_paonf6PoX81rsgghmo1_1280

two tumblr_pbugthZGaw1sxqdrfo9_1280

two tumblr_pf7cju5Thv1qcvp5h_500

two tumblr_pf659oS2mq1wh3bz6o1_1280

two tumblr_pfgzwlixR21w1cbyto1_1280

two mAh2Mxf

gay tumblr_pe4mgeVYhm1qbcthl_500

gay tumblr_pfvyz1MGxm1wh3bz6o1_1280

Play Mates

September 24th 2018

two 9

two 37348689_651585731888791_7141092069786779648_n

two 39517650_1053175188181477_2536501427526696960_n

two 39602799_280803289190025_3616829524855083807_n

two 42133583_165954534315439_8287642149323800576_n

two 7

two 42164705_155273975407163_1194148655162982400_n

two tumblr_n4o4daWEFs1tanv2bo1_500

two 39371731_246902385964635_1395409426789171200_n

two tumblr_peehpqtMBU1txq8ofo1_540

two tumblr_pfa2f7K9hq1szfjwy_1280

two tumblr_pfa2g44mhX1szfjwy_1280

two tumblr_pfa2m4nAqo1szfjwy_1280

two tumblr_pfa2muXnhv1szfjwy_1280

two tumblr_pfhb0fz5OC1xw6iaoo1_1280

gay tumblr_pfakhlwq3H1qm0muu_500

gay sw00858

…and here, the ‘mate’ is pouring the oil…

gay crop tumblr_pduupqOTXb1xwa0odo2_640

Cuddles and More

September 19th 2018

A new selection for the gay-minded!

two 6vSIkva

two tumblr_mp18neAl3s1s9uc0ao1_500

two Sexkm4v

two tumblr_ni7kl8ikhr1sjyue7o1_500

two tumblr_pefvliw2W41xxl9o9o1_640

two tumblr_pca02lJl0i1x74yc0o1_1280

two lake

two tumblr_pf659oS2mq1wh3bz6o1_1280

two tumblr_peui9qidEe1x76qpuo1_1280

two tumblr_pei3d3lL8Q1wh3bz6o1_1280

two tumblr_pcn9shXlfN1xze83wo1_1280

two 3hCAUNw

two tumblr_pet7hdEXV31wh3bz6o2_1280

two tumblr_per3vuaciW1w1cbyto1_1280

two tumblr_peang890Qb1szfjwy_1280

two tumblr_pe3f21W0gG1wh3bz6o1_1280

two tumblr_n9oz748JsF1tcnhoko1_500

two tumblr_p6strkjk4W1wh1wrao1_1280

And now, a blast from the past…gay tumblr_pdqd0p3n9r1wh3bz6o1_1280

two tumblr_paquojc7Qa1xv712wo1_640

You’ll Probably See Why…

September 6th 2018

…I’ve selected these images for this page!

gay uu

gay tumblr_pealpwFU2J1r7kwwno1_640

gay tumblr_pe8w69S0Ah1vzx412o1_500

two orient

two tumblr_pa21jkRHsq1rb53zlo1_r1_1280

two tumblr_peai1xtnLA1qm0muu_500


wr tumblr_od11ugwGBV1tl7qdeo1_400

Another Bunch of Gay-Friendly Stuff

August 27th 2018

…or do I mean “Friendly Gays”?

gay tumblr_p7n3g12zha1wfikx2o1_500

gay tumblr_pcrowjzEHe1wvwmpeo1_500

gay tumblr_p311nc4Mkx1t5focco1_640

gay tumblr_pd1ippEJTy1qmipt9o1_500

gay tumblr_pdtvtodNpA1r7kwwno6_540

gay tumblr_p1u8vh3lRf1rtkr1co1_540

gay tumblr_p1nu1lmsC21wgdojzo1_640

gay tumblr_pe14wkLPDB1sxiuywo1_1280

two tumblr_pdpguw8Zr91w1cbyto1_1280

two tumblr_pdvbptjnos1r7kwwno1_1280

two tumblr_pdvdr5tuaq1r7kwwno1_540

two tumblr_pd8ytrzJVK1r7kwwno1_1280

two tumblr_pbihufHCjT1x6mt18o1_500

two tumblr_pdybf0c3nN1w7h8p3o1_500

two tumblr_pdvdvhk3Fd1r7kwwno1_500

A ‘Frisson’ of Potential Gayness

August 25th 2018

You decide!

gay tumblr_ocko8bayEO1tdrlb1o1_640

two 7pcO9Sc

two Lkc3epV

two mpyexPh

two tumblr_nudd29seFY1specteo1_500


two tumblr_p9zagegYd41rawmqbo1_1280

enzo oiled 3

We’re halfway through this set… time for a little “commercial break” I think, where you can help to support this site. Click on covers or follow the links for more information!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

two tumblr_pdxhbr8vbA1tlh6huo1_400

two u8oROm5

two uiErip8

wet tumblr_pclcxlRN071w1cbyto1_1280



wet tumblr_p77guhAUIi1w8f52po1_500

gay 5e136f955679374

Expressions and Suggestions of ‘Gayness’

August 19th 2018

“No position is taken here as to the sexuality of those appearing in our pictures”

Your call!

gay tumblr_pdn38sWDV81xsywlno1_1280

gay qu tumblr_ogys5qXb5Q1u5p9nro1_500

enzo oiled 2

gay tumblr_pbb1grBoEv1rz3ib5o1_640

two camo

two FGdgpg5

two gD5jDCn

two jgqZ3qj

two mermaids

two nBt1eHw

two tumblr_lm0nudLmWr1qkctf7o1_400

two tumblr_oa3ig3D60y1txla6go1_640

two tumblr_p0g2tlo7Fh1vgxwp8o1_640

two tumblr_pbz87nNu0N1qch8lvo1_1280

two tumblr_pcsdy0eOxx1ugeiuso1_1280

two tumblr_pd28j38oJ11xxl9o9o1_1280

two WxM8OeH

two tumblr_pdjvrkPG9W1ridtexo1_1280

two tumblr_pdkeijLIFc1wofwbqo1_500

gay uIR4JKq

What Is ‘Gay Expression’?

August 9th 2018

This is a selection of pictures which will ‘appeal’ to gay guys, I’m sure. Whether the guys in the pictures, and the activities they are engaged in, are ‘gay’ is not always obvious and, from our own observations in the gym, by the pool and so forth, in an environment where nudity is permissible, it is clear that many straight guys enjoy the ‘feel’ of what many may regard as ‘gay’ behaviour.

I’m rambling a bit, so I’ll stop there are get on with the pictures. Be aware that there are naked images here and some full-frontal ones at the end of the set (so you can look away if you wish but I bet most will not).

A ‘French Kiss’ on the beach? Gay…

two tumblr_pczg50tTPX1xw6iaoo1_640

Sunbathers clearly ‘into’ each other…gay!

two tumblr_o3w0sgBB7v1v8bgmko1_500

An unexpected kissing situation… looks like ‘fun’ in the washroom… gay?

two tumblr_pbz7edFGBW1r76jrto1_500

Tender touches in the bathroom? Gay…

two tumblr_p5g9japhth1wh3bz6o1_1280

A suck on the nipple? Definitely gay…

two tumblr_pco6if3INH1v35nxso1_500

Three sets of ‘cuddles’ now: the first one is ‘BelAmi’ and one therefore knows this is set up for a porn shoot… but they’re gonna be gay, surely? Although some will just do it for the money!

two tumblr_pcwwubmizc1xw6iaoo1_640

These guys are obviously enjoying the hot tub and one, at least, is enjoying the other!…

two tumblr_pcv77n3ZWZ1xw6iaoo1_500

No discreet bubbles at the poolside in the next!

two tumblr_oxdbf7RP7F1wrw6o5o1_500

And what about this couple taking a shower together? Common in public pools, yes: but crammed behind the glass in a domestic situation – what do you think?

wet tumblr_papp55BagT1rwyeqro1_1280

As the number of boys in the showers increases, the probability of them being gay decreases, I think. And, as this lot are Russians and still in their swimwear or underwear, I think we can be reasonably confident here that the result is ‘not gay!’


#4’s smile really does it for me!

While on the water theme: seven guys get naked together on the beach (with their ‘bits’ slightly obscured here [not by me])… is any inference justified here or is just a lads outing and they’re getting naked simply ‘because they can’?


One thing is for sure – several of them could do with a good feed and some sessions in the gym. On which point – given that we’ve had lots of discussion over the pages of this blog about guys training naked – ‘gymnastics being ‘the naked art’ and all that – when you’re really working out hard and sweating, the cool air wafting over your body is a great feeling. we all like to get our shirts off but some, where permitted, will go the whole hog. They don’t have to be gay, do they? Certainly not if they’re training alone!

gay xx tumblr_mmu5omOCw61s558nxo1_1280

Nor, necessarily, if they’re with a like-minded mate!

two xx tumblr_pa63coyj0d1w6w913o1_400

They do look they are focused on finishing the set rather than on each other!

Three guys in their underpants on the beach now. There’s something about the look in the nearest guy’s eyes…


Next, an enigma. Eight lads, looking buff, oiled up for the occasion, bow ties, possibly strippers although the tight jeans and tied shoes don’t go with that theory  – now what lies through that door? A load of hen-party girls up for a feel? Or a load of gay guys up for a feel? Are they gay themselves? You decide!

unlikely lads

To be honest, I think I know the answer here. I have a memory of seeing a series of pictures of a Danish ‘coming of age’ ritual in which the boys (drinking only Coke here I notice) serve the girls a meal and perform dances and acrobatics for them. Maybe someone can confirm that.

Lads can enjoy being together without being gay… and in some situations like this final one, who knows?

wet tumblr_p72mclAYwz1tbeepko1_540

I’m not sure they actually look as though they enjoy being together – but that forms a neat link into the previous post (below)!

Enjoying Being Together

August 6th 2018


two dnkBUH6

two CqvBcUH

two EC8agCs

two G3C3koK

two KAi5v4A

two mYZd8SB

two PFm194c

two tR6ORvE

two tumblr_od5yg83xd51tdel1po1_500

two tumblr_oiljl4G1fk1rgyf5qo1_1280

two tumblr_p9ng05vdzx1v8wb3eo1_500

two tumblr_p9yi37zl0E1xw6iaoo1_640

two tumblr_pa3129akX11xw6iaoo1_1280

two tumblr_pacaskbfm61xw6iaoo1_640

two tumblr_pbewlhrp1q1xw6iaoo1_640

two tumblr_pbrgs8VKT61xw6iaoo1_500

two tumblr_pc4zzsVVdW1xw6iaoo1_1280

two tumblr_pckdlsP9841xw6iaoo1_1280

two WZOA9om



July 30th 2018

Time to add some new stuff here – couples (possibly gay and definitely so in some cases) doing what they like to do.

gay tumblr_pce2qwHnsp1wfikx2o1_500

gay 1

two 0CqsBkk

two 4A5vSKm

two 755q2Hzq_o

two I0Ct5ea

two nick pierre 2

two nick pierre 31kL52WI

two nick pierre

two T3vnoVw

two tumblr_pb6pg6YTIk1rf5sa5o1_1280

two tumblr_pbiquyXba31wdd4f6o1_1280

two tumblr_pbtugcjeON1r76jrto1_1280

two twos

two xx oiling him

Applying the body oil. Nice. I could have cropped the bottom of that one – but I’ll leave it to you to decide.

Does Being Naked = ‘Gay’?

July 25th 2018

gay tumblr_ons1omkBYV1w0jlquo1_1280

I wonder which of these two pictures –  that one on the beach or this next – most shouts ‘gay’ to you?

two tumblr_pc7ufhnJtM1sh2ivno1_400

I think it is the second one, and that simply enjoying being naked with other guys doesn’t necessarily mean you should infer anything in particular. The question comes up when all-male gyms allow naked training (and the literal meaning of ‘gymnastics’, remember, is ‘the naked art’ and doesn’t refer to rings and high bars anyway!). Given that there is at least a photographer in the room, are these guys training naked because it feels good rather than trying to be seductive? Cool air wafting around a sweating body? I think so.

Here first is the guy who I featured in the blog post introducing this item:


xx tumblr_o1wx44g6Pn1rbv8e9o1_1280

xx tumblr_ozj4r7egVw1vbq3aho1_540

A while back we had a post on naked training with a report on a gym in West London from someone who attended a trial session. It is worth repeating that report in full I think:

“I saw your piece about NKD Training and as I went to that actual training day, I thought I’d drop you a quick report.

“Trust my timing in that the weather here has finally turned from unseasonably warm to very typical November cold. I got there at 3.30 with rain sleeting down and a bit of trouble tracking the place down. It’s easy enough to get there on public transport with tube and bus stops close by. It’s on an industrial estate and the gates are being fixed or upgraded or something. Anyway I did finally find it. 

“It looks like it a physio/rehab gym clinic during the week so it’s not that big and around 1/3 of the space is taken up by a boxing ring! It has enough aerobic and resistance machines and free weights for the amount of people it can hold.

“I was met by Paul and completed a medical questionnaire and then had the afternoon structure explained. The first hour is for anyone to warm up, lift weights or use any machines on their own initiative so it would not be useful for gym beginners. There were about 15 guys there when I arrived and although Paul explained that the first hour was ‘clothing optional’ everyone was naked. Although it was my first in anything like this, I stripped down to just trainers on my feet and walked in. It really is quite a nice feeling being naked around weight training guys. After the initial interest everyone got on with whatever they were doing and I found myself a bench and started some dumbbell chest presses. My only complaint was that the gym was too cold – and that’s not a look you want! I think they need to start your practice of using each other as benches, a warm body would have been really been nice!

“Being stretched out on a bench, dick on show, however, didn’t feel at all strange and you stop noticing after a while. Guys kept arriving and all went naked until there were about 30 of us at 4.30 and the start of the class. We were all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnic groups, predominately gay I’d say but no one’s asking so who knows.

“The first half of the class was aerobic which is not really my thing but Paul is very skilled at including everyone no matter their level of fitness. There was always an easier and harder way of doing anything. The second half of the class was more intense circuit training which I preferred. Again there was easier and harder ways of doing each exercise. I teamed up with a really lovely tanned hunky French guy (it’s not easy to concentrate when ‘do we do 10 reps’ is said in a dreamy French accent) and we encouraged each other through it – there wasn’t any cold bodies after that!

“We ended with a warm down and stretch although I would have preferred for all of us with a BMI of 18 – 25 to pile into the boxing ring and warmed and stretched each other! I guess you can’t have everything!!

“Overall I really enjoyed it, it really did feel very liberating and natural to be training naked and I’ll probably go again when the weather is warmer! The bit I enjoyed most was lifting weights naked but the cost is about as much as I pay my local gym for the whole week. I would however recommend it to anyone who just wants to get their kit off with other guys and to those who seriously lift weights.

“It would be great if this really took off and more gyms started naked training sessions – come on all you lads in London, support your local naked gym!”

Another thought. What is implied by guys deliberately posing naked, like this ballet boy?


And what do you infer from two guys enjoying being together in their underwear? These first two surely have something to celebrate…


And here, what do you reckon about the boy on the right? Maybe the boy on the left cannot believe his luck – look closely… that unopened bottle of fizz might be there for a reason!


Your comments would be interesting to hear. Best to post on them on the blog post which introduces this entry.

Genuine Gay Love

July 17th 2018

I do try to avoid posting images which are obviously ‘staged’ (i.e. from a porn site or video still) – hopefully we again have ‘true love’ here…

tw tumblr_n7osrwhIlR1tz7yovo1_500

two 37010199_329635104244430_5108070850708373504_n

This next actually may break the rule I just set, but the ‘two’ look genuine and I like the interposition of the third guy! Maybe his partner is taking the picture…

two three

two tumblr_mpxlnt1icz1rhvumzo1_500

Now, how close should we get?

two tumblr_mrle44dE3R1s1l12qo1_500

two tumblr_my2o4fAIEJ1sq8hxqo1_640

two tumblr_n0o3rlqGYc1sn5q1vo1_500

two tumblr_n0tdnolaJo1sfizz6o1_500

two tumblr_n5mh7q3zeq1rykgeho1_1280

(OK, that one breaks the rule definitely. 19nitten site. But they are rather cute, nicht wahr?)

two tumblr_n8bmbk5qXV1rtjxk5o1_1280

two tumblr_n78dplmlf21ssga9mo1_1280

two tumblr_n2326s0Ax51trpvtuo1_500

OK, I give in. Any couple who knowingly allow their activities in bed to be photographed is ‘staged’? Whereas this next may be a cheeky ‘catch’…

two tumblr_nlna8xE8ul1qc1z2wo1_500

two tumblr_p9kl762JHS1vu73ajo1_1280

Finally in this group, a ‘shot in the dark’.

two PQgeuJk

Cheeky Feet ‘n Stuff

July 9th 2018

These two pix don’t really fit anywhere on this blog, but we like them, so here you are!



Perhaps not to everyone’s taste – though I’ve made no secret of my liking for Dave’s feet. These next two do fit here, if only because the participants are almost certainly gay. Looks fun anyway. And the photographer has managed to keep things discreet…



Young Love

8th July 2018

two young love

Sweet, huh?

two Zcvf05b

two tumblr_p6xeusovFM1unj453o1_640

two tumblr_p8k9nsNNNl1s26egbo1_500

two tumblr_paziqneCTE1rmhxg4o1_500

two tumblr_oy85pdoemQ1vm3x00o1_500

two tumblr_n5045sI4YK1txar6fo1_1280

two tumblr_owiw6l7VTj1vm3x00o1_500

two ROg2c1y

two rU3HVZj

two MLkf47l

two vd7U2O4

two 9RsearY

two 9Trb2YM

two DaX3tQh

two tUPwIFU

two jx2Jvtv

Artwork, just for once…

two odd

two DhnGGrs


Dishes for Two (With a Little [Un]Dressing)

June 28th 2018

two tziPbjh

two WsrPGPO

two tumblr_oc1v7pQIJZ1ssga9mo1_500

two tumblr_ozdjstL1s31tok6cbo2_540

two tumblr_pas231qRU51rmhxg4o1_500

two xx tumblr_nlgr5o74DU1rp13wuo1_1280

two tumblr_pak3u4dqQr1w7h8p3o1_1280

two xx

two tumblr_p9sticDGcb1rc46teo1_640

two T6g2rdW


two 8fje9TL

two 0b336213b5b311963f0e3db982d48b74--pretty-men-beautiful-men

two xx tumblr_o2c9xlEamH1ua7sd2o1_540

two tumblr_oslvsiNpSD1rxxa6po1_500

two 4nGtEQw

two tumblr_mnhej7qXrg1s6majho1_500

two ZP24r26

This next guy is waiting for you!…

gay xx smile

What? Still there when the sun sets?…

two 67iT5mM


Special Moments

June 25th 2018

Some Assorted Gay Stuff (Sort of)

June 14th 2018

gay tumblr_oz3twr4dab1v9o3h2o1_640

A gay proposal during hot yoga, recorded by friends…

gay yoga proposal

Gay wrestling in the snow (ha ha)…

gay statue wr

…and how to train for it (I think)


Bathe with your lover…

two tumblr_oimjukyyan1uinqnco1_640

…or just lie there!

two tumblr_p9pkafoS3c1tf8wuso1_1280

gay tumblr_p9rz7tQHza1qc6ysdo1_1280

gay tumblr_p4ropvrUZ01x54shyo1_500

…Indeed! Cue More Loving Couples Then:

June 8th 2018

two imgsrc_ru_59762791x_Hw

two j9UQ168

two kC8tcPC

two koKPNNk

two NgHRix0

two t44

two tumblr_mzemsjoSGP1ry4gdjo1_500

two tumblr_nfnxf4rXvE1u2srtpo1_1280

two tumblr_p7wi57CTts1vis0hlo1_540

two tumblr_p9w1nwz1pD1xr702wo1_640

two WPE8mcx

two 9xxjrcA

two WQlZiL3

water boys

Thursday Twosomes (again!)

May 31st 2018

A dozen more!

two tumblr_n8m90m3AWN1tcnhoko1_1280

two tumblr_nifsshOzZH1rh7znio1_500

two series a

Three more of those guys – a genuine couple – done for a photo shoot…

two series b

two series c

two series d

And now: clothes? Who needs clothes?

two 654

two 41624029874_96db9c01f0_b

(And, if easily offended, look away now!)

two xx tumblr_ojh5m2rhGW1siqg3jo1_540

OK, kit back on. ‘Thai’ boxers, if you must… in BED?

two tumblr_nme21uqgic1rk8x27o1_1280

two tumblr_p9765uAZAB1x6qjrgo1_1280

OK, that one may be from a porn film and they’re not really ‘close’ at all. Back in the water for the last one of this set:

two tumblr_ndezroNxtZ1sljcu9o1_500

Just Came Across This…

May 27th 2018


Here’s to ‘looking radiant’, then.

Thursday Twosomes

May 24th 2018

wet tumblr_o8rdbol3Mi1ujeddko1_500

two 148

two 152

two 321

two 28207955978_eae79069ca_o

two 28207956448_c114112036_o

two BLUFGmf

two tumblr_nvlc4vCkF31rz8wfko1_1280

two tumblr_p81uw0HJGM1rikhkdo1_1280


Gay Love (and Other Stories)

May 21st 2018


two RnrUk69

two tumblr_ng1kclJDVc1u28z98o1_1280

two tumblr_oonvsnsTWS1w66ru9o1_1280

two wx5Nrd1

two tumblr_p8psfg7LSq1u5u0kro1_1280

two tumblr_orll0cPo2c1vfpnlno1_500

two z8YS8o5

two YS9hz3j

gay tumblr_p8s429OUd71w2duleo1_500

ge tumblr_p8fd1fuBoa1uf2801o1_500


two VO8FdQN

two oeKcoXQ

two ghOVEgx

two bq8DwvG

two raLLRTu

two or4z6jJ

two xUu4OzK

two 42079963551_44742c7320_b

two tumblr_p85eo9F96S1tsmqd2o1_500

Some Random Thoughts

May 16th 2018

two tumblr_nrwuyibfFk1ssga9mo1_1280


two tumblr_p89f12nF3q1qaqy0ho1_1280


two tumblr_o9i6bwGvlM1tsxqtfo1_1280




two tumblr_p75epuskHa1vfpnlno1_500


two xx tumblr_nv43kuYhBC1tmtg1ko1_1280

Well, I’m right out of ‘random thoughts’ for the moment, but here’s a few more ‘gay-friendly’ pictures:

two 314

two 27908678428_ddc4d211ef_o

two tumblr_luakf8gZYp1qfjyspo1_1280

two tumblr_o1qjuv0hLi1u3ef6to1_500

And, finally, the xx group factor.

gay tumblr_o1bb5vEp4x1shanmbo1_400

The Look, The Touch… and The Hint!

May 9th 2018

First, the look…

two tumblr_p7n3g12zha1wfikx2o1_1280

…then, a loving touch…

two tumblr_n99bbbqnz21qc8twbo1_500

…and, meanwhile, elsewhere, “Here I Am!”“I have two glasses…”

gay point

A Little Loving

May 4th 2018

two tumblr_p7mbc9Y95T1tldrhco1_1280

two tumblr_oh906gcSBp1srtnhqo1_1280

two tumblr_p7y541Jifb1snxzxzo4_500

two tumblr_p85o28B9Fn1r3if0mo1_540

two l3C8BTZ

two Lx6w4k2

two n7L4k0u

two GJ7HBN8

two G0WlrvM

(Read the sign!)

two DRoX2rJ

two cKdkyu8

two 123

Gay Boys’ Secret Passion…

May 2nd 2018


See the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page for the results!

More Guys Who Care

Apr 26th 2018

two k

two untitled

two 31143884_557374444647133_2381951629290110976_n

two 31131089_283807758827165_4347673661482729472_n

two 85

two 9

two 8

two 1

Guys Who Care

Apr 2nd 2018

In the 1940s, expressing ones gayness was not easy. Posing for, and privately reading, “physical culture” magazines was one way: first today, from 1946, an athletic couple who took advantage of a sympathetic photographer’s skill to express themselves:







I invite you to look closely at the final picture there and explain how the top guy’s body seems to be emerging through the floor (or table) that the other guy is seemingly lying on!

Here’s a more modern ‘threesome’ montage:

gay tumblr_nhlw5vl6So1s5ymrho1_500

Meanwhile, some more couples:

two tumblr_obpom2IIZw1vnuqvzo1_500

two tumblr_nsygb5odUT1u8d4eto2_1280

two tumblr_n5b41tFzk81tyvp6wo1_400

two 40968947531_2111881e98_o


And just for a laugh…

two !! tumblr_oqumauAAGZ1qa4lgbo1_1280

Apr 15th 2018


Dave and I don’t happen to ‘do’ gay marriage as such – it just seems to us rather unnecessary. But we certainly subscribe to the next slogan…

gay expression 3

…such as this handsome ‘Schwuler’!


gay tumblr_ojrsblplQS1tnr6bno1_1280

…and now, a dozen more gay couples, sharing their love:

two tumblr_nqo7unlNu51u33t3eo1_500

two tumblr_oc8sgbSQhB1ra2sqjo1_1280

two tumblr_okifzgDWz51ssga9mo1_1280

two X3Kv8NI

two tumblr_nqj915f7Ep1qigjrxo1_1280

two tumblr_mo9cbfaSYb1r3gj2fo1_1280

two q6SSNp9

two 32voJHU

The next pair are likely porn actors, but it seems genuine love too…

two 8

Now, don’t look too closely here…

two xx tumblr_p6makcWXRJ1rmhxg4o1_1280

…or, indeed, here:

two xx tumblr_p0k7znsvOE1sxdupso1_1280

…and as for these two, really…

two joke


gay expression.jpg

Quote of the Day…

“Why are You Gay?”

“I Wanted to Make My Life More Difficult…”

I’m not sure whether this next image is ‘Gay Expression’ or just ballet boys having fun… or just one for car freaks (or just freaks)… any which way, I post it here! It works best if you view from a distance…


…and now some couples for Easter Monday Apr 2nd 2018:

two 3JRBGBo

two 5FdxUBY

two 1 (762)

two 2

two 8IJt60d

(Isn’t that sooooooo sweet?)

two 29595166_274341549773786_6458060767965743356_n

two ADiAIpM

two gvRAVf2

two jXYTcZL

two l6y4cQ7

two LJUYbZp

two mnEImjp

two RZswX3J

two tumblr_p6d6luKfdz1uvrkh5o1_1280

two TvUvEh7

two WeYL4ST


two x26EfLQ

Today’s Ten Couples

Mar 28th 2018

Some closer than others…

two tumblr_p4rgeqifIB1wjv7jxo1_1280

two 38528225780_da1487b60b_b

two 38528226500_87c1a63645_b

two a7UzQX4

two tumblr_nw02jsWUv41tem7c1o1_500

two tumblr_nyawf5h3vc1rphqceo1_500

Get off the phone and read a book! Preferably one of mine…

two tumblr_o4h3geZ2XF1r76jrto1_540

two tumblr_orc0h930E51svg7jdo1_1280

two tumblr_ownsvoQBVT1rphqceo1_1280

two tumblr_p5ekc4pUvu1w70bi2o1_1280

Ten More Couples… (some NSFW)

Mar 18th 2018


two dBV3lVZ

two eyes tumblr_p5296imySP1sfw3d8o1_540


two msgMW2t

two tumblr_ocf5o41SY81uinqnco1_1280

two 6AYcTuK


No question here:

two g8kxHVk

two tumblr_n5enpzIEtL1r68pdoo1_500


two PF5N5dQ

two tumblr_oyy6evMVAU1wns7t3o1_500

Breakfast in bed!

two kyGe1WT

Couples Doing Their Thing

Mar 11th 2018

Love expressed in various ways…

two 28987617756_26b56b3b3c_b

two 26618066815_aece345b16_b

two 98

(OK, that one was posed for a magazine cover, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt)

two 22

I did say ‘various ways’…

feet tumblr_ol5fferkur1qc8twbo1_500

two mnb

The ‘essence’ of a guy?…

two tumblr_ma1catwjE61r2a6kbo1_500

two tumblr_mtv4aqCHQ71qacl5yo1_500

two tumblr_o4f1z9UVE01r76jrto1_500

two tumblr_ocokzwFCvo1v4nfooo1_1280

two tumblr_obp1cr6gQ71ssga9mo1_500

two tumblr_p4uf0bpO6s1vmumq1o1_1280

two tumblr_p58bl8VoS21sibxb9o1_500

two tumblr_p12ylolzTA1whekcyo1_1280

two tumblr_o8kbgmbC1g1v4nfooo1_1280

two tumblr_p4zuj8tSee1r3xcwlo1_1280

two g7TItPC

And now, since the clothes are off… NSFW for the next three!

two 45

(You might like to try analysing their expressions!)

two xx tumblr_p3f5g5QTOG1scad4fo1_1280

xx tumblr_m3cjh8ZWGE1qirf9po1_1280

Guest Selection

Mar 4th 2018

In our present location, a vacation centre which particularly welcomes gay (and fit!) guests, we invited a friendly pair to select 10 images which “say something” to them about their own sexuality: – no inferences should be drawn about the sexuality of the subjects, which are unknown to us. If any image offends, I will immediately remove it if notified. Here then, with no further comment, are the choices of Pavl and Petr.


1 (595)

admiration or envy

ge tumblr_ohrtriJ9T51r834teo1_1280




wet tumblr_mlbbuvOt8S1s1ua5uo1_1280



More Expressions of Love

Feb 26th 2018

two 2BpzVHE

two 2q5m4Nk

two 1XcMazM

two 34ea89760743573

two d60289759751753

two lCqzV1W

two jYtpcO3

two lRNZK77

two njF6JHa

TWO tumblr_oatt7xfgDV1v4nfooo1_1280

two tumblr_ol9r17HE8k1tzeszxo1_1280

two tumblr_oic0amZmXs1uinqnco1_1280

two tumblr_p3zeeiEwqh1wqtdz2o1_1280

two US7sVPu

two VNH1U4X

two zhE9G0L

two tiWdgQY

two tumblr_on4tur3ivP1v4nfooo1_1280

two tumblr_nvb0ctCdAA1s4d7q9o1_1280

…and, maybe, a different way of expressing your affection for your partner?…

two tumblr_o67za1AJAn1qc8twbo1_500

A Dozen for St Valentine

Feb 14th 2018

I can’t give you a dozen red roses… but I can offer a dozen loving couples…

two cD4sQgJ

two j3R92S1

two BoZylrS

two 8gdU6vb

two dqGt5St

two G5hsVmq

two nkd tumblr_oznrwe4Xt91vfeviao1_1280

two oPLWm4C

two Ri9JJ7U

two Rtz8ITV

two tumblr_m4eijw0pBR1rqxsdto1_500

two mlnkakn

More Loving Couples

Feb 9th 2018

two 39667005161_39aa04fbff_o


two tumblr_p0skjbRCwk1v6a263o1_500

two tumblr_ovpug772jv1v4nfooo1_1280

two tumblr_oimfdirZXC1uinqnco1_1280

two tumblr_oic1uqNRtP1uinqnco1_500

two LRnTP59

two Cor5z3L

two 39667005131_1a7d372518_b

two 38769771845_de23b61740_o

two 21_D83252-_C7_E3-4529-_AB40-9605_B9_EB9_C1_D

two 31

Namaste: The Sacred Nature of Masculine Sexuality

Jan 31st 2018

Here are profound comments from a fan of another blog on, as he puts it, the sacred nature of our masculine sexuality.  It is not some abstract understanding.  It is a physicality that rises to spiritual quality:

“With regard to mutual masturbation, I’ve always felt there is something very sacred, very powerful even beyond the sexual context of the penis and testicles.  Life is about growth and renewal at every level of existence whether it be an animal, plant or human being.

“The propensity of life is always forward and the catalyst of that momentum of existence is the seed.  It begins the process of renewal again and again into infinity.  Without the seed, there is no life.  That’s why I believe men have been blessed with a very sacred and paramount responsibility not just in the evolution of physical life but in that of consciousness as well.

“While women are the nurturers of life, men are the force of life.  That’s why I believe men have such a strong propensity to continue to spread the seed of life, regardless of the issues that may arise with man-made institutions like marriage and monogamy.  Our responsibility is a divine one, rightly ordered as part of the mysterious plan of life.  It is sacred, holy, beautiful.

“As such, I believe that the greatest way someone can honour a man in this respect and his “maleness” is to touch and hold his penis and testicles, the instruments of this greatly gifted responsibility with acknowledgment, awe and love.  It’s similar to the Hindu word, Namaste, which means: ‘I recognize in you the place where we are both one.’

“To hold the weight of a man’s penis in your hand, to caress and adore it is to say: “I recognize you as a god, a creator of life in the great plan of God.”  This sentiment can’t be any more deeply expressed than when you take a man’s penis into your mouth.  There’s a reason that you kneel in front of a man in this respect, because the phallus and its power are worthy of our worship.  That’s why so many ancient societies understood and revered the power of the phallus.  I was in Italy several years ago touring the ruins of Pompeii and there were penises everywhere—moulded into the street tiles and on thousands of front doors. The penis was blessed and revered as a symbol of power, life, goodwill and vitality.

“Unfortunately, our society shames men into hiding that power or worse, disowning it.  You can show a completely naked woman on film and it will only receive an R-rating.  If a man’s penis is shown—in any context, not just sexual, the film gets an automatic NC-17 (aka “X”) rating.  Contrary to popular belief, I don’t see this paradox as the media’s way of objectifying women.  While the media and our society have certainly done that in the past, keeping the male phallus out of view is a way of training the public mind that there is something “wrong” with the penis.  It’s a way of getting us to deny the power or the phallus, OUR OWN power and thus deny our own selves, our spirits.

“It’s not only the media.  This prejudice goes back much further.  If you look at much classic art (with the exception of Michelangelo who is thought to have been gay), you’ll see that the women in many paintings are freely nude and expressing their femininity while the men are nearly nude with a sash, leaf or some other convenient concealing device covering the penis.  It’s a very, VERY subtle denial of power that we eventually learn.  That’s why I won’t have any piece of art in my home that has a nude male with his penis covered.  I don’t care what “master ” painted it….

“The only way to have a real experience and start KNOWING some things is with another human being. The blogs aren’t experiences (as great as they are).  They’re intellectual exercises.  Your body isn’t intellectual.  It’s visceral.  It doesn’t understand words.  Its language is energy and passion!”

two tumblr_p0exgfxO111rmhxg4o2_r1_1280

More Loving Twosomes

Jan 28th 2018

two tumblr_p2ne0yoZZu1rb8b1po1_540

two tumblr_p2b18u2DYM1ukxygno1_1280

two tumblr_p2b5a0dhnq1w1ibiuo1_1280

two tumblr_p2b3whrZ091wj74wfo1_540

two tumblr_p2b3vizg0U1wj74wfo1_500

two tumblr_p1y8x3FPyr1uq5wlio1_1280

two tumblr_ozwwernVmP1rpiaado1_1280

two tumblr_opo1lmY9A11w66ru9o1_500

two tumblr_n17dbnNCt81t26croo1_1280

two f4f7c5732167173

two 021bbb669084853

two 1 (179)

two tumblr_o8tygy9bR91v4nfooo1_540

Do you love… or are you loved by… another guy? If you are, or even if you are not, but can understand those that do and can appreciate the freedom to express oneself that we enjoy in the West, savour the moment and then read on, about Henderson…


Jan 23rd 2018

Henderson is a young man from South Sudan who was forced to flee the country because his parents and close family threatened to kill him… because it had become clear that he was gay. Initially he fled to Cairo, which was a gay ‘safe haven’ until the authorities suddenly took a different line. Somehow, he found the money – possibly by prostitution –  to get a flight to Libya, from where he hoped to get a boat across the Med to Europe with other refugees. That didn’t work out either and ,eventually, he was put on a flight to Sudan (not South Sudan, which by then had passed a new law criminalising any same-sex relations with a ten-year prison sentence. That didn’t work out either, and eventually he went back to Cairo, concealing his real ‘nature’, where he is currently ‘stuck’. Essentially, he has been ‘on the run’ now for nearly eighteen months.

For many, such treatment would lead to suicidal thoughts – “the only way out”. Not this guy. Instead, he encountered a journalist from ‘The Times’ (London) and told his story, which appeared in the newspaper about a week ago.

Those of us who don’t face death or imprisonment for being gay can maybe spare a thought for Henderson and for all those in his situation. And be grateful for the love that (by and large) our families have for us… “…even though…”

AND: it is not just South Sudan with such a policy: here are a couple of items about Chechnya:





Choosing ‘Mr Right’

Jan 19th 2018

Dave and I know exactly what we like to see in a guy… each other, for a start, and then some of our closest friends. But, just for fun, we’ve selected 20 young gentlemen here, with various “attributes”, whom you might like to ‘rate’ as suitable gay companions! In doing this, we make no suppositions about the sexuality of the guys pictured, all of which are unknown to us.

If you feel you want to comment about any of them, I suggest that you do so via the BLOG POST “Choosing Mr Right” which appears on the Home Page with today’s date. You can comment on this page, but it will appear only at the bottom of what will become a rather long trail as the content of the page increases, and your comments may go unnoticed by other readers! N.B. Numbers relate to the image below.




look down




shower lean






solid 3



























There you go then. Numbers apply to the pic below: best to comment (if you want to) on the Jan 19th 2018 blog post advertising this update, because your comments will be more visible. If you prefer, tell me privately on

More ‘Togetherness’

Jan 10th 2018

I love the angle on this next shot!

You might be interested in these books which develop this theme, along with lots of sporting/showtime activity and some (mis) adventure…

while the fourth one (‘Let The Future Find Me’) is a gay guy pretty much on his own.

Guys Together

Dec 29th 2017

two tumblr_nlcxlt74BZ1r834teo1_1280

two tumblr_n91fd2W91T1tcnhoko1_500

two tumblr_ofvqbdifJH1v9h5yao1_1280

two tumblr_owc3rnPSUj1s6d7dto1_1280

two via BAMBIBOYZ 20 MAY 2016_109

two 39279042122_b8b7bca695_b

The next image is kind of a threesome, but it still fits here I think:

two tumblr_o1x4hajRHG1qbatq8o1_1280

…as is this…



OK, that’s it so far. No nudity yet! Let me know what you think either by comment below or via e-mail at

72 Responses to Gay Expression

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  2. Greg says:

    Something extremely exciting and erotic about male on male affection. It shows off the beauty of the male body. From the times of the ancient Greeks to contemporary society, male “bonding” and “bromance” are classic examples of pure love and worship of manliness.

  3. Platinumboy says:

    It looks good. Nudity need not always be a part of gay affection. Also, since you and Dave are gay parents, what about the idea of non-sexual family portraits about gay parents and their kids. Or would you prefer not to go that route because it will not necessarily fit the fitness theme? Gotta keep within the theme.

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