Gently Gay

“Gently Gay” – no porn, then, but occasional nudity if appropriate. This is where we shall find some occasional – apparently – gay-friendly material. New items will be placed immediately below this note, so scroll down further to find older items!

Don’t forget there is also another ‘GAY EXPRESSION’ page which has been declared ‘full’ and will not be extended. Go explore that, too! Click Here!

14th July 2019

16th June 2019

3rd June 2019

More stuff…

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gg Alam Wernik

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golden boi

For Ian 12


And finally, for this set, ‘chemically gay!’

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27th May 2019


22nd May 2019

Naked situations: enjoying the freedom, both in company and alone (to start) alone…

We have had some blog posts in regard to naked gym – see for example here 

In our gym here at the naturist-friendly vacation centre, we do require our visitors to sit on towels! Just in case…

Now, what’s going on here? … …

5th May 2019

To open this page then, a short set featuring gay kick boxing – in undies. At first.

And – bonus while we’re at it – this is probably the place for a couple of images where the tumblr copy of the accompanying blog post won’t find them!