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This gallery is now “full”: the successor gallery is ‘Gymnasts Gallery 2‘.

Here we post gymnasts and work, rest and play. There are plenty more in the previous ‘Fitness… etc’ pages and in the huge number of previous blog posts: this page takes us onwards and upwards from May 2019 with the newest material appearing immediately beneath this notice. Enjoy!

April 7th 2020

March 31st 2020



Now the Indian style…

OK, back to ‘normal’…

March 19th 2020


March 6th 2020

February 27th 2020

February 20th 2020

Sorry, it has been a while since I updated this page. Here we go!

January 8th 2020

December 29th 2019

A final helping for the end of the year. Begins with a short Christmas display:

(Great photo-angle for that planche position)

(yes, its him)

Some more from Pavl Rycl now:

December 28th 2019

Today’s update is dedicated to the brilliant work of sports photographer Pavl Rycl (the ‘c’ should have a little mark over it so it is pronounced Rych-l, but I can’t find out how to do that on WordPress!). We have had the pleasure of meeting him at events in Brno (Czech) and Linz (Austria). More recently he seems to have focused on wrestling, so these images date from between 2011-2016 at various tournaments. Mostly training or warm-up shots which let us see the bodies and muscles in action. His own website,, invites well-deserved donations.

December 21st 2019

High time for another update. 20 new pictures here. Starting in Italy…

November 29th 2019

November 3rd 2019

That’s UK gymnast Brinn Bevan (we’ve met him). Read the tattoo! This next is Netherlands gymnast (Epke Zonderland and his brothers):

October 16th 2019

October 3rd 2019

September 22nd 2019

Update well overdue! here you are! Start with a video on pommel technique:

Really like this one of boys so obviously enjoying being in the gym:

OK, he’s in a bodybuilding gym, but an invert on the rings counts! Next an oldie from our friend Pavl Rycl…

Sorry so many not shirtless, but you can’t get away from leotards in competition!

September 1st 2019

Now that one is a planche, which I often tend to put on the HANDSTAND CENTRAL page rather than here (so go see!). But then it’s on the gymnastic parallel-bars… Let’s finish today’s set with a ‘super-planche’ that stars one of our friends from Telitsyn’s gym in Chelyabinsk… really low and on just four fingers! Amazing. What a pity he didn’t get his shirt off first so that we could see the back muscles at work.

August 11th 2019

How can it be THAT long since I updated here? Onwards and upwards…

Ouch! He did that on the parallel bars, for sure!

July 14th 2019

High time I added some more here!

The next three feature UK gymnast Nile Wilson…

Max Whitlock…

…and from China to Chelyabinsk…

June 9th 2019

Another bundle of talented young gymnasts: just add chalk! … … …

June 3rd 2019: Chelyabinsk Boys in Training

Pictures from coach Andrey Telitsyn











Tel 2








‘Yeah, I broke my leg. so what?’





Gosh, she looks a bit fierce. The boy doesn’t look too unhappy, though! Here she is again – obviously conditioning is her thing!


There were survivors! … … …



May 26th 2019: Random Gymnasts

How to extend the shoulder range!

Strong shoulders mean success in the iron cross!

The pommel horse demands shoulder strength and range too!

And, of course, you need muscle!

‘Gymnastics’ literally means ‘the naked art’ but we don’t see too much of that these days…

…of course, it didn’t mean gymnastics as we know it today: the nearest piece of apparatus we have to the  Ancient Greeks ideal is the pommel horse, which in those times was an actual horse with a sidesaddle to vault over

OK: enough talk. Let’s enjoy the rest.

(Yes, I’ll include acrobatic gymnastics here from time to time: unfortunately we only see half of the pairing here)