Gymnasts Gallery 2

Here we post gymnasts and work, rest and play. There are plenty more in the previous ‘Fitness… etc’ pages and also in ‘Gymnasts Gallery 1‘ (which is now full)… and in the huge number of previous blog posts: this page takes us onwards and upwards from April 2020 with the newest material appearing immediately beneath this notice. Enjoy!

May 18th 2020

April 29th 2020

Members of the Japanese national team first…

And then, the ‘rest of the world’! Starting with a ‘still life’ and then an active ‘hold’ on the rings:

April 24th 2020

OK, he’s a street workout guy too, but the move is a straddle planche and definitely gymnastics!

A ‘senior’ Russian gymnast and his admirers! Even if he does have his forearm in plaster…

April 10th 2020