Handstand Central Gallery 1

All handstands – not necessarily in as good form as we would expect!* All male, almost always shirtless… because we like them that way. Armstands and planches included. Newest pictures will always appear immediately underneath this note.

*For the record, in the normal two-hand balance: hollow chest, tight tummy and butt, no arch in the back, legs straight and together, feet stretched and toes curled. Well, we can hope… of course, other acrobatic shapes are allowed, but not arching the back to compensate for poor shoulder flexibility!

Plenty more in the zillions of blog posts and also within the two now ‘full’ pages Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics 1 and Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics 2. Enjoy and comment via blog posts or direct to gymacrobat@gmail.com


March 28th 2020

(OK, not a balance – but at least he is on his hands)

March 6th 2020

Gosh, it’s been a while. Here we go:

January 30th 2020

Let’s begin this set with a ‘twirl’:

The base on the next is Jack Atherton, but we’re not sure who the ‘top’ is: A Cirque rehearsal, anyway:

And now at ‘Pirates’, Majorca:

As to the rest of this batch, could be anybody, anywhere!

(Not so good – arched back, poor shoulder angle at feet not stretched. But, Hey, he’s enjoying himself, so what!)

Fun, fun, fun! Just stretch those feet a little more…

Not strictly a handstand, but interesting!

January 8th 2020

Quite a few one-armers here…

January 1st 2020

A young lad sets a high standard for this short selection:

…just need to get those feet together and stretched (as in the final one in this set!).

November 29th 2019

November 10th 2019

How about this, for starters?

October 3rd 2019

September 22nd 2019

Update long overdue! Great planches and handstands in this set

September 1st 2019

Some rather eccentric handstands in today’s bunch, but here’s one I’ve put on the Gymnasts Gallery #1 page as well – starring one of Telitsyn’s extraordinary gymnasts (Mishka Pavlov) doing a ‘super planche’ on just four fingers. Pity he seems to have kept his shirt on so that we can’t see the muscles at work. Still, the rest of today’s bunch know better! Enjoy!


August 19th 2019

Definitely time for some more – opening with Tom Daley

July 30th 2019

Onwards and up(sidedown)wards! Plus the occasional planche!

July 14th 2019

There next one is nearly a handstand – I’m sure he got there…

…and a parallel-bar finale (which must go on the Gymnasts Gallery page too!):

No, wait: one more (look away now if you don’t approve of nudity). You can enlarge this:

After all gymnastics is “the naked art”!

July 7th 2019

New ones, including some professionals.

A duo from cirque…

And then, another duo:



…and on location (unless it is just a backdrop!):

And finally – a sort of handstand (I suppose!) – back to basics!!

June 16th 2019

A further selection, starting with two from street workout star Angelo Svec and including some planches, some one-arms, and some interesting acrobatic combinations…

June 3rd 2019

Let’s start today’s selection with one from the Chelyabinsk gym: I posted 25 other pics of their gymnasts training on the Gymnasts Gallery page today as well (click here!)

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Love it when we can combine handstands and weight training! Here’s another…

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hs tumblr_prh3wkEoSb1yooda1o1_1280

Hmmm. Needs to open shoulders a bit more. And to finish this set, the weird guy…

hs tumblr_pryp1eBzU31sxiuywo1_1280

May 22nd 2019

May 15th 2019

(Yes, it’s a hand balance: Russian Hold or Russian Vee)

And finally, I’m not sure if this a handstand or just a clever capture of a guy in motion. If he’s really doing a one-arm balance on a slack wire… that’s “real kewl”!! … …