Handstand Central Gallery 2

This is the second celebration of handstands in all forms on this site – for a start there is HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 which will repay a visit… – and also many other handstands in old blog posts and on other fitness and gymnastic/acrobatic pages here. I open this second page with two items from previous ones which illustrate what we love – a video of a real fun idea from two talented acrobatic gymnasts from the UK, and perhaps the largest ever collection of one-arm handstands assembled in one place!

Here you will find all forms of hand balance (good and occasionally bad ones!) including planches- anything where the performer has his weight balanced on one or two hands. I hope that you will enjoy it.

New items will appear immediately below, with the ones added earlier found further down.

26th June 2020

(Hmmm… legs??!!)

(that one doesn’t count really because the buoyancy of the water makes it all very easy – but never mind, its a great photo!)