Handstand Central Gallery 2

This is the second celebration of handstands in all forms on this site – for a start there is HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 which will repay a visit… – and also many other handstands in old blog posts and on other fitness and gymnastic/acrobatic pages here. I open this second page with two items from previous ones which illustrate what we love – a video of a real fun idea from two talented acrobatic gymnasts from the UK, and perhaps the largest ever collection of one-arm handstands assembled in one place!

Here you will find all forms of hand balance (good and occasionally bad ones!) including planches- anything where the performer has his weight balanced on one or two hands. I hope that you will enjoy it.

New items will appear immediately below, with the ones added earlier found further down.

14th September 2020

25th August 2020

15th August 2020

A little more of Adam Upcott firstly:

I THINK that ‘both’ guys there are Adam – a clever bit of photoshopping. His equally brilliant brother Edward is several years older and bigger.

Now Ilya, a young Ukranian boy (who will also feature on THE YOUNGER GENERATION page:

The rest of today’s set I cannot identify.

10th August 2020

Some good… some not so good [but at least they make the effort!]… featuring some excellent planche positions, and a neat press to start (although straight legs would have been even better!

19th July 2020

OK, that’s Andrey Popov so far – let’s move on!

26th June 2020

(Hmmm… legs??!!)

(that one doesn’t count really because the buoyancy of the water makes it all very easy – but never mind, its a great photo!)