Wrestle Sunday

Armpit to the fore!

A few of you seem to enjoy the wrestlers, even those who are a little older than most of the boys we put here. There are a lot in today’s post, including some sequential shots of individual matches. Enjoy (gay or straight!)!

Snow doesn’t stop everyone…

First sequence:

A couple of ‘oldies’…

Some interesting holds:

More really sweaty guys…

Maybe less sweaty outdoors:

Sequence 2:

Western sumo!

Feet are always a good target…

…especially if trapped…

Pins invariably have their moments…

Some pins have an ulterior motive…

Sequence 3:

Time for a hug…

…and with the legs…

Squeeze harder!…

And finally, the one that the new Tumblr bots won’t like (let’s see – a hazard of copying this blog across to Tumblr!). I have lots more naked wrestlers but maybe they’ll have to go – in the end – on one of the other WordPress pages.

Nothing showing there, Tumblr…

And that’s possibly the largest post ever. 48 pictures. If you like, reward me by buying a book, either direct from gymacrobat@gmail.com in the first instance, or via the publisher for Let The Future Find Me…

And there’s plenty more wrestling on the other two ‘Fitness etc’ pages (Page 1)(Page 2).

Last not least, remember that I am continuing to delete old images which seem ‘less interesting’ so do go harvest anything you want before it vanishes to make more room for new things.


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Great Mates

You don’t have to be gay to have a special bond with another guy (or more)… just sharing things you both love to do, or just hanging out.

In our case, it is usually gym-related! But it doesn’t have to be… (and its amazing how quickly the shirts come off…):

And the big finish (I suppose…?):


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Liabilities… £463,000… (+35 nice pics here)

…assets £14,340 and a hell of a lot of unsold books. That’s my first publisher for you – not forgetting the £30,000-odd to pay the liquidators. No wonder it was hard to get royalty cheques.

I won’t translate that into dollars or Euros, but the difference is huge and won’t be made up by the unsold books either, since the authors typically have rights to about 85% of them – although where I am expected to store several hundred books in the UK when I don’t live there is a conundrum I’ll leave for now. I always thought they were useless at marketing! Anyone fancying copies of Loving the Boy, The Power of Love or Against all Odds can henceforth obtain them by e-mailing me on gymacrobat@gmail.com.

I am please to say that my second publisher, of Let The Future Find Me, seems (for now) to be in better shape. CLICK HERE if you would like to support this blog that way.

Fortunately, the books are only ‘one shot in my locker’, as they say. But still… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Let’s enjoy some more fit boys instead: today, we’ll take the SIDEWAYS VIEW – it sure reveals the abs to perfection:


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First Epistle to the Ephebians

There’s one blog on Tumblr which definitely should survive the current cull, and it’s where that first picture came from. Run by a Russian guy with extremely good taste, I would have to say that, after my own, it is my favourite blog. Clean fresh guys in non-porn situations, pretty much all in ‘natural’ environments just doing their own thing. Not all shirtless either, but every post hits the spot. It’s called ‘ephebians-17’ and I will add it to my links too. Until recently it was ‘-16’, then that suddenly disappeared (before the Tumblr purge)… I tried ‘-17’ and there it was back again so, if it disappears again, try ‘-18’!

A couple more in his style…

So, it is Dec 26, and the entire extended family – kids and parents, ours too – is assembled in Tennessee for the celebrations. Annual wild swim for the kids today… but Dave and I and our friends have decided we are now too old to ‘fit in’! It won’t stop us swimming later with our kids and their close fitness-freak friends, of course, but the High-schoolers no longer know who we are, and it’s really their event. Meanwhile, we’ll continue with some wet boys of our own…

…this first one could well have been an Ephebian choice for its originality, but it is actually from our Belgian friend ‘Patje’ and his Bambiboy site:

“Come on in – the water’s lovely…”

This next one is a particularly fine specimen, we feel…

I wonder if this next one will get past the Tumblr bots?

Those ‘about-to-be-wet’ now:

Please support this blog – start here:


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Tumblr Gets It Wrong

Since about eight weeks I have been auto-copying these WordPress posts to Tumblr as well as my Facebook page. The previous post got tagged for ‘adult content’, and the blog duly disappeared. Well, there was a guy whose trunks you couldn’t see – but you couldn’t see anything else either. So I protested, and WON. It’s back, and several folks have re-blogged it already. So, if you fall foul of the bots, don’t give in to them! Of course, I have sneaked an occasional nudie in, so we’ll have to see what the future holds. Meanwhile, if you see this only on tumblr, go to tonycavanagh.com in future!! Just in case a slight flash of uncovered muscular flesh sets the bots off again…

There we go… a dozen new bodies for the Tumblr bots to get their teeth into. Let’s see.

Oh – I nearly forgot:

Maybe the lights will distract the bots – the opposite of moths around a candle flame…   (but he has his jock on, so let’s wait and see)…

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Fitness Isn’t a Right…

…it’s RENTED… and the rent is due!

Let’s check out who has paid…

And, finally for today, a workout result from what seems to be a candle-lit dungeon!

STILL STUCK FOR A CHRISTMAS PRESENT (PERHAPS FOR YOURSELF!)? You could do worse than click on this cover, especially if you enjoy a good read when relaxing after the workout…

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Gym Time (Again!)

As I have probably said many times, “the place to be seen at!” 21 guys offer some inspiration!


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Busman’s Holiday

When Dave’s brother Pete met us at the airport the other day on our return trip to Tennessee, his first words were ‘Can you cover some shifts at the gymnastics center – everyone else is wanting time off to get ready for Christmas!’

Oh well. I guess that’s what we’re good at. And it is great to be back, if only for a few weeks. We do have some other issues to sort out, regarding our future status in regard to visas. Having lived here some years after arriving with parents on a family visa which allowed us to stay on and work (with some other visa category) and then acquire offspring, our recent prolonged absence in Europe plus Trump’s theoretical crackdown on immigration makes our future status far from clear. So we’ll be visiting a few offices in town in between shifts to try and sort things (we’re officially tourists this time!).

Meanwhile, since we starting on the gymnastics theme, let’s continue with another selection of gymnastics and handstand pictures. As coaches, this first activity is a little hard on the back muscles after an hour or so!

…where this is harder on the gymnast:

Now for some action:

…coach in action again! This leg position is very poor but otherwise this is a reasonable Diamidov turn…

(An example of Pavl Rycl’s excellent photography work during a competition warm-up)

Now, keeping the ‘upside down in the great outdoors theme…

Finally, if anyone in UK wants to be an agent selling books, let me know at gymacrobat@gmail.com. As I mentioned recently, the publisher of my first three books has gone into liquidation, but I have the chance to recover some unsold stock if I have a realistic chance of storing it (in UK) and, eventually, selling it. Commission negotiable!

Book 4 – the tale of a lonesome gay boy travelling in search of fate – is available as normal from this link.

And even more finally, there are loads more gymnastics and acrobatic pictures (and much more besides), in old posts and the two additional pages (1) (2). Enjoy!


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Back in The USA

…for an extended break. Sorry for the brief break in transmission… here we go with a random selection of outdoor guys.

Street workout boys, I assume:

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DISASTER!! I Need Cheering Up…

The publisher of my first three books, Melrose Press, has ceased trading. I have suspected for some time that they lost all interest in marketing their books – sales have dropped dramatically.

This means that ALL links from clicking on the covers of those three books in this blog are now useless, and the only place that the books can be obtained is from me.

They are asking me to receive most of the remaining copies – and pay for some of them! – with a very short deadline. With our current situation (just headed out to USA, back eventually to Portugal), and the books being in the UK, this represents something of a challenge, storage-wise. Maybe I need an agency there!

While I ponder what to do – not least removing all those links from the blog, amending the ‘sticky’ header at the top of the blog when you go to tonycavanagh.com, etc. etc., I must continue to promote book 4, whose publisher thankfully remains in existence (and is awaiting the next manuscript, if I ever get it finished [“Known By The Tracks We Leave” is the likely title] …

Let The Future Find Me is, in fact, the most accessible to a general audience, shortest, and cheapest! Christmas is coming, if you are short of ideas for presents! This is the story of an outcast lad (who happens to be gay but that is not the point of the story) who sets out in search of the rest of his life…

In the meantime, if you should want any of the other three books, please message me on gymacrobat@gmail.com and I’ll get something organised. Most likely I am going to offer a ‘fire sale’ with significant price reductions, to make shipping costs from UK more attractive.

In the meantime, I console myself (and you I hope) with some more images of couples with something to share!

Not sure that I fully understand that one. And now, getting undressed for the occasion…




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