Another Torrent of Pics Added

The stock of images I have stored ready to share with you guys seems to get larger all the time, so I’ve had another purge as it was a day off today… 3 sets of 20 added to the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics blog ( page today in three categories.

There’s an additional picture for each category here, just to whet your appetite:

First, Wrestling – Back by Popular Request!

Secondly, A Handbalancing Selection:

And Thirdly: Guys who are Clearly Satisfied with the Bodies they’ve Built:

So, that’s actually 63 images altogether, free to a good home! As a reward, I would LOVE for you to buy a book or two, and hopefully recommend the following – just click on covers for links to publishers, or search the usual outlets which will include e-books.

Actually, I’ve stuck one more picture on the Gay Expression ( page too… but it’s probably not what you expect to see there…

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Easter Megapost

It’s definitely a good time to explore other parts of a little right now. I’ve added 60 pictures in various places, starting with

20 Easter (Gym) Bunnies

…putting fire into their dumbbells (etc) like the guy above! They’re on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page ( alongside…

20 Images Illustrating this Quote

“The Way into  Man’s Heart is Through His Chest”…

And then, go to the Gay Expression Page  ( and ponder another quote:

“Why Are You Gay?

“I Wanted to Make My Life More Difficult”

for more loving gay couples…

…PLUS a really kewl image for those who combine a liking for the male form with cars… go see!

All I ask in return for this extravaganza of fitness and cute guys is that you support the blog through buying books.. click on the images below for more information! And thanks.

e-books are available too for all of them, but there is nothing like the feel of an actual book in your hand… (and I get slightly more money when you by one of those!). Enjoy.

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By Popular Demand…

…a short personal update, which fits the two picture sets I posted today on the Fitness, Acrobatic and Gymnastics page (

20 new pictures of Wrestle Action, then 20 new pictures of guys getting together ‘Sharing in the Fun‘. Go explore via that link!

At the end of the year, for a number of reasons, I decided to cut right down on the personal information placed here. But Spring has sprung, the thermometer has reached 20C again and, as it is Easter, the show season is about to start. And Dave and I are delighted to have been joined by our two close friends (very close, in the gay relations sense too) Ethan and Jack, full-time professional acrobats joining the team here. They will perform daily in various venues on the Algarve coast and in nearby parts of Spain too, being one of a number of ‘acts’ that will move around different vacation complexes day by day in the ‘Touring Company’ we have put together. Some acts will do daytime beach and street performances too – certainly our two mates will. Dave and I will probably be staying put and only appearing in the shows here, as we have other gym management and teaching/entertaining duties, so that’s just twice or three times a week. But Ethan and Jack will be based here, in the apartment below us, and will be spending huge amounts of time with us on our roof terrace!

Jack has suffered a personal double tragedy, losing both his father (to long-term serious illness) and then his mother (suddenly) shortly afterwards, and this new environment after long months in Toronto will probably be good therapy. So, good times ahead, especially when our own close family (kids and their mothers) arrive at the end of May – circus showbiz, one and all!

Thanks for following this blog: we hope you like the new format. Do remember that a cull of old posts and their images is in progress, and that the ‘lifetime’ of images on the new pages (Fitness etc [], and Gay Expression []) will only be about six months, so  that we always have space for new stuff. So grab what you want to grab while it is still here!

We also hope you will support us by buying some of the books: details will be found upon clicking on the covers.

But even if you don’t read – or can’t read! – you’re very welcome here, to share the things we love to see and to do.


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Two Tens are Twenty

Two sets of ten added today: to set the scene, some water babes to entice you to look at ten more on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page (

…and then we have ten loving couples on the Gay Expression page ( here’s your starter bonus for that set:


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Muscleaneous: Studies in Black and White

We somehow think that black and white images really show off the muscular body better than colour. 20 new images posted on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnasics page ( perhaps make the point!

May I also make the point that I’d like to sell some more books???


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“Let’s Do It Together!”

…whatever (fitness) thing it is! Pairs of guys enjoying their fitness in the open air, in the gym, in the ring, and just chilling in the sun. 20 new pictures on my Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page

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“Racist and White Privilege” – Huh?

Now here’s a thing. It should be pretty obvious from this blog that we are into physical education for all. I read in my British newspaper that a study by Leeds Beckett University in UK and the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences (weird combination, but there you go) has concluded that “school PE is racist because it celebrates ‘white privilege’… and upholds elitist ideas that are an extension of nationalism and the British Empire.”

The study also claims that giving advice about fitness could be racist (so we’re for the cull, then!) by imposing ‘cultural norms’.

A Noble Lord and former chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality has called the study “crazy”. YOur thoughts are welcome!

This picture could have been Dave or myself at our school PE but actually it is older (I’m pretty sure) – brings back memories though! It didn’t teach me to be racially superior, but it did teach me that I liked hanging around with no shirt on and barefoot! Thanks to my regular correspondent Ian for the picture – and BTW I dedicated my fourth book to him in return for his constructive criticism of the draft. He would say it is worth the read, but you can judge for yourselves if you click on the cover!

The great thing about physical books (as opposed to e-readers – even though my books are available that way too) is that with an actual book in your hand, you get a sense of involvement. And you can do it shirtless:

…or even naked, if you must…

…stretched out in bed…

…and, best of all, with a friend… (ahem, shirtless, of course)…

My first three books explore gay love as well as the sporty ‘PE’ stuff and have adventure in bucket loads to speed things along. That fourth one follows an outcast gay Native American boy as he tries to find a place for himself in the wider world and, maybe, his true love too. Here’s the full list – now you know how you can support this blog, not forgetting the picture-packed additional pages on Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics ( Gay Expression ( Enjoy!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1



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Wet Dreams

Pool, beach, shower, river, rain… 20 new pictures of wet lads enjoying themselves just added to the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page

Link for Facebook readers:

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30 New Pix Today…

…Ten More Loving Couples:

…have found their way onto the Gay Expression blog page ( anticipation, through playtime, to breakfast in bed!

AND: 20 new assorted Arm Balancers (and Some Other Strength Moves)

…are on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page (

If you like, reward me by buying a book! The latest one is about a gay lad who doesn’t get to spend happy times with his young love because he gets thrown out of his community as a result of the liaison. There follows a period of ‘finding himself’ before a possible chance to be re-united comes along, after a difficult search. And then, fate deals a wild card… do please click on the cover of Let The Future Find Me for a link…

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“Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It”

…like the lad below. I’ve just posted 20 more lads who are doing exactly that on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page (which for Facebook readers is on the Tony Cavanagh blog at , not here!)…

I rather stupidly called by trilogy of books “Living The Dream” which is a horribly ‘hackneyed’ phrase when you think about it. However, it summed up what I was trying to do as I wrote  Loving The Boy, The Power of Love and Against All Odds.

Guys wanting to be fit and to use their fitness for FUN. In fact, also guys who happen to be gay, but being gay is not a pre-requisite for enjoying the books. The hero of book number 4 (below) is also gay and it is, in a manner of speaking, his undoing, because he doesn’t even believe in himself having been taught that ‘gay’ is ‘evil’…

Please do try and support this blog through book purchases. Your visits here are much appreciated.

AND FINALLY, please also remember that old blog postings are slowly being deleted along with their pix, to make room for new ones. The new pages covering Fitness (etc) and Gay Expression also contain many pictures now, but their ‘life’ before deletion will be only a few months, otherwise the pages become too long and ‘unhandleable’. So harvest what you want!!

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