As I Said Last Time – Back to the Day Job…

….which means training other people in gymnastics and fitness, and training ourselves to keep up with them!


That generally means working up a sweat: in winter, perhaps just the forehead…


…in summer, the heat helps to produce just a little more…


…as do certain sports…


Wrestling is quite effective…



…but, for the ultimate sweat, if you’re a boxer or fighter needing to lose weight quickly, try a sparring session in a waterproof hoodie!

12I don’t subscribe to post videos here, but you can watch this 17-sec exhibition by clicking here. Off comes Alex’s hoodie, then the tee-shirt, and then, for the big finish, he wrings out about a pint of sweat from the shirt!


Of course, there are other ways of getting sweaty, such as being a skinny singer in a boiling-hot venue…


…but we’d rather do it building a bit of muscle and/or going for a run, like these guys…!





Here’s another boxer, definitely sweating, but the photographer seems to be chucking water at him as well:


Of course, after the workout, a nice cool shower is definitely what you need!


cover1-thumbcover-3-thumbcover2-thumbSo, back to the day job, then. Not writing these books shown here – that was a ‘night job’ I suppose, trying to bring in a little extra money (depends heavily on you guys taking the bait, of course…. hint!). No , at the moment it is coaching gymnasts, with some summer acrobatics classes waiting over the horizon. For now, then, I’ll finish with one or two gymnastics pictures.




And for today’s finale, Nile Wilson, one of the UK’s Rio boys: we had the opportunity to meet him a while back. Kewl!


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All Done with the Chaperoning! Back to the Day Job…


My three previous posts (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3) have been about two gay boys (bodybuilders) allegedly falling in love in a most inappropriate way, and our involvement in making sure that one of them (underage) gets the  protection and support he needs from his parents. I have to say that I am very disappointed in that last department.


So, Dave and I reluctantly agreed to accompany Jude on his first visit to meet Korben, the older lad. I have to say that we were surprised to find that he does indeed seem to be the genuine article, even insisting on showing us his ID! We arrived at his place just as two of his weights mates arrived, dressed in trackies, trainers and commercial gym vests. They led us round the back of his home to the doors leading directly into his basement training area and called out to announce our arrival. He appeared, shirtless, also in trackies and, to his credit, seeming very embarrassed about the situation. Obviously, the two of them (Korben and Jude) immediately set about comparing their muscles, but Korben was definitely on ‘best behaviour’ and limited ‘contact’ to pulling Jude’s shirt over his head. Korben dropped his trackies to reveal a posing pouch, and the comparisons continued.

His friends were BBs too – but Dave and I train weights for acrobatics and gymnastics, so the other four were all considerably more developed than us – we would say over developed. Anyway, we all got down to the serious business of lifting weights, and the ‘ice’ slowly melted.


Korben is a car salesman, in the family business. There is clearly a lot of money around – he said he been ‘given’ the house by his parents – I believe him – and lives there alone. His whole life, outside selling cars, has been spent on bodybuilding and coming to terms with being gay, which he says his parents acknowledge but do not approve of. Same as Jude, there, then.


Korben’s weights basement also hints at plenty of money. He claimed to have ‘1000 pounds’ of weights – I would say there were many more: in addition, two multi-station resistance machines probably costing thousands of dollars each plus all the usual benches and whatnot. His friends train there regularly, just as ours do with us. Certainly the remaining clothes got discarded as the sweat developed – but we do that anyway and so does Jude, training with my son Leo and the other lads. A tough workout followed, though Jude, Dave and I using each others as human ‘benches’ seemed to be a novel idea to the others.


To give the lad his due, Korben seemed genuinely embarrassed by his previous suggestion of how the two of them should meet up, and hadn’t considered the alarm bells that would ring. We allowed things to progress to some gentle -shall we say – self-induced gay relaxation at the end, but no further. Boys will, after all, be boys. And then we delivered the message we had agreed to bring with us.


“No further contact” until Korben presents himself to Jude’s parents and discusses openly his feelings for Jude.

Dave and I insisted that our involvement must end here. In fact, meeting with Jude’s parents, we think they’re out of their depth. They already had issues with an older girl – now married – and they don’t understand their son, his affection for bodybuilding, nor his very openly gay sexuality. But it is their problem. May seem unkind, but we don’t wish to get involved any further. Jude is already awkward with us – and with the rest of the younger lads he trains with at our place – resenting the “interference”. But, as a number of correspondents have concurred, there is danger out there, and parents ultimately are responsible. They cannot unload that responsibility onto us just because we, too are gay. Because we share a home with the two lesbian mothers of our kids, all “happy families”, maybe we’re seen as a soft touch.

But that’s it – we’re out of this matter now. We’ve reported back that we actually quite like the guy and he seems genuine – someone whom, in other circumstances, we might encourage to join our circle of mostly-gay fitness freaks. But this is not our problem, Mr and Mrs X: we didn’t make your son gay, and we didn’t find his alleged true love on the internet either!

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow…’ – but, for now, that’s their lot.

‘Over to you, parents!’ I hope this doesn’t seem as mean as maybe it sounds.

And now, as ever, I turn this post over to a further gallery of fitness stuff, and promise that this subject (as newspaper letters editors used to say) is now closed.













Let me just remind of the raison d’etre for this blog – those books:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…and then finish with a group of great gymnasts…


…or, at least, a great group of gymnasts!

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It’s Not Over Till It’s Over…


Determination. To look good and to be fit. Great stuff.

Someone else is being determined. Let’s call him Korben – I believe that’s his real name. He’s the guy that our young friend Jude appears to have fallen for – a fellow body-builder, claiming to be ‘almost 20’.

This is ‘episode 3’ of a long story! (Part 1) (Part 2). If you’re not up to speed, take a read there first (first two posts below this one).


He and Jude ‘met’ on line and share their body-building passion. Both openly gay, they claim to have fallen for each other big time: I’m certain they’ve been ‘sexting’ each other, and this guy suggested filming their first encounter. Alarm bells, big time! I got involved in informing the younger Jude’s parents, who are clearly out of their depth. I rather got brushed off the first time, almost being told it was none of my business. But this boy trains with mine and his friends, and my son Leo felt concerned enough to tell me and hope that I would intervene.

There is, apparently, a new and different invitation to meet now.

‘I’ve got 1000 pound of weights in my basement. Come over and let’s lift together then do some posing…’


Still potentially serious. However, there was more:

‘A couple of my mates can join us – and why don’t you bring a couple of yours?

Jude has a choice. He has two groups of friends – the more-or-less adult group of competitive bodybuilders in our private gym, or his closer and younger friends who train with him mornings at our place. I wouldn’t allow the second option, and I’d be unsure whether the first option would be sufficiently alert to care for him properly in that situation. But there is a third possibility, and I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming.


Yesterday I received a phone call, from Jude’s father, whom I have never met. He is nothing if not direct. Jude had, I think, admitted to the “Plan B”, perhaps hoping for a ride since the other guy is nearly 40 miles away.

‘I know that Jude trains at your place: he speaks highly of you and I’m grateful. I think you know what is going on at the moment… I wonder whether you wouldn’t mind dropping in for chat tomorrow evening?’

Which is this evening now.

‘I believe you have a partner – another guy. Would you mind bringing him too…?


‘We’ve come to terms with his bodybuilding… and we have to accept that he says he’s homosexual…’

But… They want their son looking after, and it’s pretty clear who they want to accompany him on this trip. And it won’t be my son Leo or any of his mates. No way.

How do I get myself into these situations?


Dave and I have talked. We’ll do this for Jude, if we’re asked, because he’s a great guy, an open and honest friend to Leo and the rest of them, and because I desperately want this Korben to be the ‘real deal’ for him and not some sort of predator. But Korben is going to have to work damn hard to prove himself, and the next step is going to have to be him visiting with Jude’s family. One more step for us, then, and no further…

If it’s all truthful, and it comes to this, then I’ll be as delighted as anyone…


…I have heard of ‘cyber relationships’ working out in real life, but there is so much bad stuff out there on the net these days. I know that Jude’s parents feel uneasy about having a gay son – perhaps because he is so incredibly open about it, even in situations where I might well hesitate in revealing myself.

One recommendation I am going to be open about this evening. My dear friend and doctor, Nate, who has been so caring of our own gay community, will be doing happy to conduct some tests before I would even consider leaving the two of them together. Those risks have always bothered me, and are the principal reason for our strange but loving and successful ‘closed gay community’ of ten guys introduced and insisted upon by our friend Zach who lost friends to Aids: this ‘coven’ I have often written about, both here in the blog and in my books.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbDave says ‘There’d better be a good dinner in this…’

I’m thinking the same. We’ll see.

Let’s move on. More pictures, I think. Well-developed bodies, but not body-building freaks. Not our style.






Here’s the perfect gym location:








Two hours to go! We’ve had to cut short a coaching session to make this visit possible, and lose some of our free time as well…  it’s a nice 72F outside (22C) and sunny and such weather should be enjoyed shirtless… but we’re leaving the gymnastics center just as we should ordinarily have been arriving.

Still, my Brit readers are currently “enjoying” Storm ‘Doris’ (‘DORIS’??? couldn’t anyone think of a better name?) – hope our place in Wales is OK because it’s empty at the moment. Right now, I think I’d rather be there, catching flying roof tiles, than facing Jude’s parents! But duty calls!



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Off Duty Today


It was warm enough for shirtless outside today! And I felt that I needed a ‘time out’, like this guy.

I found the business that I wrote about yesterday quite stressful, especially as I am not entirely sure that the parents appreciated our interference. But a number of e-mail correspondents plus my most prolific ‘commenter’ reassure me that we did the right thing. ‘Platinumboy’ talks about young guys going missing in the Chicago area and the perils of gay cyberdating, and he is absolutely right. So we’ve passed on the responsibility to those who should be taking it (parents, and boy himself), and removed ourselves and our assorted offspring and trainees from the game.

If none of this makes sense, see the previous post!

Time to relax, then, with a comprehensive selection of fitness inspiration.


Actually, I’m not entirely sure that is a good example: I see a lighter and an ashtray on the wall. This is better – and don’t I wish my waistline was still this slim…


…so let’s lift. This guy has some way to go – heavier weights than this, surely, for a bench press? But at least he’s doing it…


Don’t worry too much about the image…


…just focus on the right things…


…with a friend (or two) if possible…


…don’t you all want the same thing?


If you work hard enough, you will achieve…


…and you can always choose the pose, and the lighting, to show you off to your best…


…or, if you must, you can choose bad lighting and a blurred camera!



You can always ‘glam up’ a bit – spread the sweat to catch the light – or is it body oil?


…so long as you remember that, to be able to pose well like this…


…the hard work comes first…


…then, after the work, you deserve to rest with a good book. Preferably one of mine…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

It’s all there: the training, the hard work, the results, performance (or “showing off” if you prefer), some touring, and some misadventures. not to mention discovering gay love and all that goes with it (which is kind of where this post began).

A few more pix now to finish off, starting with old-tyme showing off:


…some modern showing off (or just having fun)…


OK, enough fun. Back to the gym, guys…


Why not commune with a tiger in between your weights sets?


Did I do enough…?





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A Difficult Call


Oh dear. I found myself in a difficult situation mid-week, and it is all due to (son) Leo’s openness.

‘Oh, Hi… is that Mrs. xxxxx?’

‘Yes. Who is this?’

‘This is Tony Cavanagh. Your son lifts weights with our boys in our cabin every morning before school…’


This is about Jude, a Canadian boy just over a year older than Leo, approaching 18 and who, like us originally, arrived here in TN because our fathers got assigned to the local US National Laboratory. Upon his arrival, almost the first thing he did was to declare that he was gay to anyone who asked. Leo happily accepted him into his ‘inner circle’ of fitness freaks – after all, with a gay dad, he could hardly object! Jude is the only boy in the regular group of seven early-bird trainers who is gay, so far as I know.


The other ‘difference’ about Jude is that he is an avid bodybuilder, whereas the rest are into weights just for fitness for other sports such as acrobatics. So, naturally, he is also part of the bodybuilder group in the private gym, to which we introduced him. As a member of two ‘lifter’ groups, they all tend to be ‘confidantes’, sharing things they perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily share with parents. Apparently, one of the older guys in the private gym showed Jude the social media page of an another gay bodybuilder – 19yo, I think – living about 40 miles away. Jude started corresponding with him, and is now convinced that they are in love. They Skype, posing for each other, that sort of thing. Now, they intend to meet, and the other guy has suggested that they film their first encounter – and I am pretty sure that sex is intended – ‘so we can enjoy it together when we are in our old age’.

Now, of course, this could all be entirely innocent. They plan to meet in the woods near our prized swimming hole, fool around in the water, get it together, and even maybe go for a private ‘play’ in nearby Cody’s basement of fun afterwards (Jude knows him through the gym here). Just two guys who really have fallen for each other over the internet and just want to ‘go for it’ – both apparently declare they are ‘virgins’ so far as gay sex goes, so can go ‘bareback’ – keen to compare their bodybuilding progress and work out together, as well as the other…


On the other hand… alarm bells ringing loud and clear!

I owe it to Leo, who really does have his head screwed on when it comes to sensing the right thing to do. The last straw for him and his mate Chris was that Jude asked them to operate the cameras. I had a question, though, considering that the boys most often trained naked, and that a group of sweaty, muscular boys, wrestling together and however ‘straight’, could be an almost irresistible temptation for a frustrated gay teenager:

‘Has Jude ever “come on” to you?’

Leo, slightly reddening said, ‘No’, and I believe that, especially as Leo then volunteered that Jude often got super-hard in their company and had sometimes suggested jerking off.

‘And did you’

Leo really red now, admitting to ‘once or twice’. Well, haven’t we all [guys that is]? But thank God for an honest boy, sensing danger for his friend and perhaps for anyone else getting involved in the ‘adventure’.

And good old Tone, sighing deeply, fishes out his phone… wondering how I get in these topsy-turvy situations…


I did have some advance information. Jude has an older sister who is now married, but had some big issues with unsuitable boyfriends in the past. Jude’s gayness, and his devotion to bodybuilding, are accepted by the parents. So it was really only the intended liaison that I needed to raise. After all, legally, Jude is a child.

Turns out they knew. Not perhaps that the two of them were planning unprotected sex to ‘consummate’ their meeting, perhaps, but they knew that Jude had found some sort of BB soul mate on the internet who lived the other side of Knoxville and that they planned to meet. Not that they were planning to make what amounts to a personal porn video, when it was far from clear what would subsequently happen to it. So I only really to express concern about what we had “overheard” the boys discussing (a little lie to look after Leo’s interests) and to make sure they knew.

I’m not sure that the lady really appreciated me passing on the message, though. Jude missed a couple of days morning training this week and was unusually subdued in school (he is in a higher class than Leo and the rest because of his age, so they don’t see much of him there anyway). But he showed up for training again at our place on Saturday and, apparently, the subject was not raised. I have indicated to Leo and his friend Chris that I feel the invitation to become a movie director should be politely declined, and they agrees with me.

I asked Leo whether he felt bad about me ‘snitching’ to Jude’s mother. He gave me the best answer I could have hoped for…

‘No, because that what I hoped you would do.’

Leo and his fitness-freak friends really do care for each other, and will do what it takes…


Readers will understand that I do not always use the real names of people in this narrative, especially younger ones, for obvious reasons. To be honest, in one or two posts, I have forgotten how the pseudonyms have been assigned, but I do my best!

And now on to less stressful things – presenting more fitness images and caring groups of guys. Enjoy!







cover1-thumbcover2-thumbPause for a little invitation from me. Much more on our life and times as gay acrobats and such nonsense can be found here: just click on my beautifully illustrated book covers for more information – they contain hints of what is in there – those mysterious Chinese symbols, the silhouette acrobatics, and the locations… – you can also get them in e-book form.


And now, back to fitness…







tumblr_oick8muyfq1thlx0no1_500tumblr_nvfwwyhnmj1tjailvo1_1280That looks like a success!


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There, But for the Grace of God…


Fitness. That’s what we promote here.

News of two people, both about the same age as us. First one is one of my oldest friends in UK, dating from the Colin era (end primary school!). Not best friend – that was Colin, until Dave came on the scene, but an old one nonetheless that I used to play a lot of sport with, camping, climbing a few peaks in Snowdonia…

On holiday with his wife in Croatia. Feels a little unwell, so she takes him to see a doctor in a taxi. Usual story – ‘You’ve got a virus, just take these to lower your temperature, and you’ll get over it.’ He didn’t. Two days later in intensive care in a Croatian hospital: final diagnosis Aggressive form of blood cancer and flown home in an air ambulance. Two months later he awaits a stem-cell transplant – but they can’t find any in his blood to take out and play around with. Just came of Skype – he’s like a ghost, can barely speak…

Not a bit like the active, outdoor guy I used to know…


Case # 2. Straight guy in our private gym: wife feels unwell. Hospital does few tests and says she has only a severe bacterial infection but – Did you always have that lump in your breast?’  Thought only to be a small lump… when they look closer it is huge and now they know it has spread to lymph glands, some of which are going to be removed. Horrendous chemo and radiation regime set to last over a year…

As some might say: ‘God strikes again!’

An interesting answer to the question ‘Why do more people seem to get and die of cancer these days?’ according to doctor friend Nate is ‘Because the dinosaurs are extinct.’ It’s not as daft as it sounds; in ‘them’ days, wild animals saw off many people by their thirties (us) and unexplained and then incurable diseases saw off a lot more. Now we have modern medicine and drugs, we all live longer – but have to die of something, eventually. We live long enough to enter the cancer ‘timezone’. Except that the two examples I give here are people in their thirties.

So, in a blog which celebrates and encourages male fitness, we need to take a moment to reflect that we lucky ones still healthy bodies (despite my own brush with God a couple of years back [DVT]) and we should both celebrate them and work to keep them as strong and healthy as possible.

Case # 1, by the way, has a home right under 415,000V power cables which fizz and crackle in damp weather. You have to ask whether there just might be a connection. But other blogs deal with that kind of stuff.

Let’s move on to more cheerful things, as I reflect on the less fortunate friends and colleagues and wish them a swift recovery. More fitness inspiration…






















And a ‘big’ finish! All-round excellence!




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‘Schmeissing’, Anyone?


Now there’s an invitation!

More ramblings from me on the subject of our family set-up and our chosen activities not being quite as eccentric as first appeared! Moving on from yesterday’s ‘multi-parenting’ issue, I return to so-called “Swinging London” for the next piece of evidence (“if m’Lud pleases…”).

I have spoken many times of our fondness, en famille, to do our private fitness training naked, and to go wild swimming naked. A while back, evidence emerged of naked weights/fitness sessions for guys in the UK capital, and we received a first-hand report from one of our readers that it was enjoyable and delivered exactly what it said on the tin – actual intensive training, and no ‘nonsense’.

Elsewhere, reports have been circulating lamenting the demise of naked swimming (except perhaps in The Netherlands) whereas in places like the ‘Y’ it was always the norm, and even in High School mixed swim meets! Now, a London-based newspaper, the excellent Times, reports on a “consultation” for change nobody wants at the Porchester Spa in the area of the city called Bayswater. For many years they have had nude single-sex swimming: now the powers that be want to reduce all of that in favour of clothed mixed sessions, and the members (both sexes) are up for a fight to keep things as they are.

Now, I grant you: boys in Speedos can look great:


…but boys without Speedos can look great too!



OK, some actually swim in jeans


..but they’re just weird, so we’ll ignore them.

There’s more. Numerous celebs are patrons of the Porchester Spa, and it is well known (I read) as the place to go “for a good schmeissing”. And, that, should you not be aware, is a Yiddish word for a good beating with a soapy raffia mop, or birch twigs as in Finnish or Russian saunas. Naked, obviously.

And there was I worrying about writing about our occasional adventures in Cody’s basement, feeling ‘horny’ and offering ourselves up for a little S&M pleasuring… and then enjoying a bit of TLC afterwards…


…but if the celebs in London say it’s OK, who am I… etc.etc.etc.!!

So, once again, we find that guys getting naked together for ‘sport’ of various kinds is seen as perfectly “OK”. Long may it last, and let us hope that the acceptance of it is not limited to Londoners!

cover-3-thumbcover2-thumbcover1-thumbAnd maybe, just maybe, the ‘naughty bits’ in my books, which describe a few ‘gay’ activities in between more appropriate acrobatic adventures (and non-acrobatic misadventures), are not so bad after all… even worth giving them a try, maybe? e-books too, if you must…

Let’s continue the swimming theme for the rest of today’s fitness-inspiration images – can’t offer nude swimming here because this blog is meant to be, well, “appropriate”!









Well, he may be only thinking about swimming. A pre-swim stretch now:


This next guy may go for a swim when he’s finished his handbalancing, although its a long way down to the beach!


This guy waited until he was there!


More beach acro…



Riverside handbalance:


And, after all the exertion (especially in salty water), a refreshing shower with a mate. Naked would be better, obviously, but then this is a public beach…






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Moms and Dads – The Right Balance


Teenboy at play. Not known to us, but no doubt well looked after by a mum and a dad and with an additional (average) 1.4 siblings. My own teenboy, along with Dave’s teengirl, are a wee bit special in that, since their births within three days of one another, they have effectively had two dads and two moms each. The two moms living together as a lesbian couple, and the two dads as a gay couple. Most recently with everyone in the same household. And the kids have grown up thinking of one another as brother and sister, although they are not.


Like the teen boys shown here (in pictures widely circulating on the internet) they have busied themselves with normal teen things – and some more unusual ones relating to acrobatics and sideshow stuff. But they have never been short of parents around to give care and encouragement, since all four adults involved here have effectively parented both kids. And they seem to have thrived on it, and grown up happily and confident.

I have been accused once or twice of making our lifestyle sound too idyllic to be even possible. Such critics probably haven’t noticed the bad stuff – like my DVT in 2014 for a start! Not always so idyllic! Fortunately, legs – and one’s self-esteem – can recover.


Now – for the point of this story, we move to Toronto. To a house where a guy lives with his second wife. Next door lives his first wife. The two boys from the first marriage live in both houses, sleeping alternate nights. All five individuals involved seem to be totally at ease with the arrangements. In parallel with our own situation, except for the gay angle, those boys have three parents… not four, because the divorced wife has not re-married. But they live together in perfect harmony, and everyone, including the second wife (step-mum) loves the boys. And crossing the shared driveway to collect a missing piece of sports kit before school (for example) – or to get help with homework – could not be easier.

So, multiple parenting is not unique to us. Good for them, I say – and since their whole story is coming out as a book by the first wife Brandie Weikle (“The Ex Next Door: A New Generation of Parents is Defining Life after Divorce”) and she has a blog… – you can all read about it if interested. And she positively promotes co-parenting after divorce – see link to a Facebook group – which has to be a good thing as we have watched the torment of Karla, my son Leo’s main love interest, over her parental feuding. Karla is now settling back in with her father after initially taking off with her mother. That brings her back to her old school, and to Leo, which suits them both fine.

Brandie’s blog promotes something else dear to our hearts too, which I’ll take up in the next post (Clue: FKK).

cover1-thumbcover-3-thumbcover2-thumbSo, what goes around comes around, as they say. To any kid that respects his or her parents, having more than two can only be an advantage! How exactly we came to create our own particular situation is all in these books, so you can research at your leisure and learn more about our gay love, our acrobatic career, and our misadventures. ‘Kindle’ versions are available as well as print books.

And from book promotion (the original main purpose of this blog) to male fitness promotion (the current main purpose!) – but do give books a try. They were quite common before i-phones and stuff took over… !


That is the same boy as the one in front of the red drape, back in his gym and stretching his back. Gymnasts must always strive for flexibility as well as strength. Here are two young acrobats making just that point:



Stretching with weights – good. Broken arm – BAD!




And now, combining stretching with balance, the next necessity for gymnastics:




Even the feet need to be stretched, as this balancing ballet boy illustrates for us:


Now let’s return to strength/muscle, and the creation of fine-looking bodies: here, for starters, the perfect athletic build…


Gym selfies are great for showing off your progress…


…while, for developing core strength, holding the ‘plank’ is a classic:


Climbing a rope is great for shoulders and arms:



…but don’t get confused which way is ‘up’…


Finally, let’s return to the gymnasium and put all this into practice on the parallel bars!


I’ve featured younger guys in this set of pictures, but older guys should not be put off. It works for us all!! And parents, if any are reading this: now go ahead an inspire the kids into some physical activity!




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1000+ And Counting: Celebrating with Daniel

The system just told me that I have passed 1000 posts. Perhaps I need a life, and should stop! But then we’d have even more time for the gym…


…and, as recently remarked here, perhaps we should devote our time to something different for a change. Get out of the gym, for example:


No, that’s not quite what I meant (but it’s damned ingenious!). No, I meant getting away from any kind of gym. Take up a new hobby…


(and thereby hangs a tale, but its not for telling here!). But then we come across ever more sporty young guys who mean to show us what they’re made of, and keep inspiring us. Young Daniel here, for example:


Daniel is a third-generation heavyweight juggler whose family comes from Russia – although he comes from Birmingham England.


Not only juggling –


– he combines it with acrobatics and balance…


The word on the street is he’s headed for Britain’s Got Talent next year, and has already done several other shows. Since we got a foot on the ladder with shows like that over here in US (not the dizzy heights of America’s Got Talent, though!!), we’ve got to hand it to the kid and his family for choosing the performing pathway.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbWe used to work with a heavyweight juggler who performed as ‘Markus’ although his name was Eric – or perhaps, because his name was Eric, which somehow isn’t quite so showbusiness, especially when it is followed by Kaplinski. He got a few mentions in my first three books which chart our course in so-called show business – if turning a few somersaults and balancing on your hands can be considered show business! Clicking on the adjacent covers will reveal more.

So, unless Dave and I decide to go over to Eastern Europe and train as tram drivers (a fantasy I have nurtured ever since someone pointed out that I could indeed be  70-year-old Bulgarian tram driver for all they knew, and not  gymnastics coach at all), perhaps gym and acrobatics is here to stay for another 1000 posts. And a healthy helping of gay life thrown in.

Typical pictures follow, then!


Here’s someone else into show business (or some other sort of promotion, judging by the microphone):


Actually, I think it is a street workout competition. Some guys do that at night:


Call us weird (and folks certainly do), but we really like being shirtless in the dark, or in the rain, or in unexpected situations. Gives us a quaint sense of superiority or something, which is certainly not deserved!


And barefoot, too. 7 out of 9 on that in the next street workout session (one barefooter is very well hidden…!):


Here’s 12 vintage gymnasts:


Since we’re into statistics today, I could mention that this blog has had just short of 1,722,000 visitors in its lifetime, and the daily hit rate continues to grow steadily. So, even if we can’t quite decide what to do with the rest of our lives (see yesterday’s post), keeping up the postings seems to remain on the agenda!

Back to that great bare-chested feeling:


I can promise you, doing something strenuous shirtless, even in the snow, is a fantastic feeling, especially when there is a group of you to encourage each other. Those Russian soldiers certainly look happy enough!

And then, maybe just once in a while, this is for you:


Is he barefoot? I hope so!

Or maybe you’d prefer to get your thrills indoors, back in the weight room… these three gym bunnies may not look happy, but my bet is that they’re real proud of their results and just want to look tougher in the photo!


So, let’s take a moment on this statistical celebration day to with YOU “Happy Lifting”!!







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Best Foot Forward?


Dave and I lay awake in bed last night, having one of those ‘Are we going to carry doing this for the rest of lives?’ moments. I don’t mean that we were discussing ‘Shall we go out and find new partners?’ though! More like ‘Are we going to be satisfied doing gym coaching for a pitiful financial reward for the rest of our lives, or are we going to be more ambitious?’ It’s a good question when you reach that mid-thirties threshold.

And, while it may appear ‘clever’ to do this…


…becoming a brain surgeon would bring in rather more money for our pension nest-egg. After all, the kids are now 15 and will soon wanting to be leading lives of their own. Time for the dads to break free?

A hand reaches across and pinches my middle. The region where I am fighting with my body, which wishes to store a little fat for its future resource, and which s becoming harder and harder to fight off despite the exercise. My hand has a similar exploration. Dave’s body is embarking on the same trail.

‘We need to run more!’


Yes, and not just running up for a vault in the gym! We do like running but, in common with life in general mid thirties, the motivation is becoming just that little bit tougher. Exercise like this helps…



…this would be better…


…that most definitely address the mid section! But long runs will definitely burn the categories…so “Best Foot Forward!”

Which does not, of course, address the original “mid-life urge” debate. We have already decided to take a week or so away together, once our colleagues back from the Canadian show have ‘bedded back in’ to life in Tennessee and can take over our coaching demands for a while. But we can’t even decide where to go. TN is remote from the coast, which we rather fancy (although the sea in February is not at its most inviting!)… maybe a Great Lake shore? We’ll have to see. One idea is to visit our old friends who run an gymnastics center in Florida – maybe a bit of a ‘busman’s holiday’ but at least it is warm there!

Whatever we decide, we’re obviously both getting slightly ‘itchy feet’, needing to find a new road to explore…


So it’s gonna be ‘best foot forward’ in some way, but what? Time will have to tell, I guess. It would be a huge wrench not to be sharing our kid’s continued development, both in their acrobatics and showmanship and in general: also we absolutely love bring on the younger ones to whom (with their parents) we have obviously set something of an example in fitness and acrobatic terms.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbI could, of course, aim to become a really famous author (!!) but you guys would have to help me out there by persuading all your friends to buy the books! A new book has been accepted for publication – a tale of a Native American boy failing to come to terms with his gayness, cast out of his community into the care of a spirit guide who causes as much mayhem as help… its a tragedy in the end, quite unlike the first three semi-autobiographical tales of life with Dave, the others, the circus and so forth. Watch this space for notes on the publication process for ‘Let The Future Find Me’ but, in the meantime, I commend the first three linked epics!

Just looking back at that last picture, perhaps it’s a pity that the guy’s ‘brick road’ is not yellow, aka The Wizard of Oz! Come to think of it, Ethan and Jack had a really great time in “Oz” and New Zealand – but just wandering off on a hugely-delayed “gap year” isn’t going to pay for the pension either! Out of ideas, we eventually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, we shall continue to promote male fitness here. Let’s see if the remaining images here can inspire you.















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