The Revolving Door

The  long-promised revolving-door policy has begun. For every bunch of new images posted on this site, I am deleting some of the least interesting (in my view) from the earliest posts. So far I have taken a look at everything up to July 2012, and therefore some images will no longer display on those posts. This is because I am too mean to pay for extra storage, since I haven’t sold enough books to raise the money (hint!). Click on the covers when they appear, for links.

In line with this ‘push-pull’ approach to posting from now one, all of today’s new pix involve pushing or pulling in some way, all of which serves (of course) to harden up those muscles… enjoy (and comment please via or beneath this post).

The new(ish) one…


The trilogy of gay love, gay sport and circus adventure…

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Wrestling Megapost

You’ll find a lot of young wrestlers on the two fitness pages on this site ( ( but those pages have become to unwieldy for slow connections. Here’s a mammoth post (50!!) of wrestling pics for your enjoyment, all within this post.

That’s my star picture in this set, by the way… two fit young guys going for it (shirtless of course) at home…

…no surprise then that there’s a shirtless boy on the cover of my most recent book…

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More Couples

Some, being clearly gay, have been added to the top of the Gay Expression page (

A few others, two guys just enjoying one another’s company, are added below:

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Storm Callum

Just had news from ‘home’ in Wales – rain of epic proportions and a tree down across our trackway. And only a few weeks ago, the water supply had dried up. Thanks, Callum.

In Portugal we continue to enjoy reasonable weather, although the sun is weakening and we see more clouds about now and again. Pretty much equals UK summer weather, in fact.

All of which puts us in mind of wet boys – always good to see and in ways better than getting soaked in a storm… although, to begin:

Apres nous le deluge… Whereas…

And now the other kind of shower!

I cannot stop admiring this last picture, even though the subject is hard to see!

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Every Minute Counts…

…that’s every minute in the gym, or exercising in some other way. Whatever the age, maintaining muscle and strength, keeping bones strong, maintaining lung function… you have NO excuse, and here are 20 young gentlemen with the right attitude to inspire you!

(new readers start there…!)


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Partners (Megapost)

The images within this post relate to training partners (always a great asset!). But I have also added loads of new images of more (shall we say) ‘closer’ partnerships to the Gay Expression page ( Added together, the number of new pix definitely qualifies as a MEGApost!

And finally – sharing the drive home from the gym!

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Wet, wet, wet…

Wet boys are such fun…

It’s certainly true that, when Dave and I see water, our first instinct is to want to jump in. And water drops on the skin seem to add that extra something…

So let’s enjoy a random selection of wet guys!

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Back To The Future

OK: No.1 post under the new (old!) system of putting most of the pics into the blog posts rather than adding them to separate pages. The separate pages remain to view, and things WILL be added to ‘Gay Expression’ ( for a while.

But, otherwise, it is

Back To The [OLD SYSTEM] [For the Foreseeable] Future!

And therefore, on the subject of ‘Backs’, here we go. Some sturdy fellows showing theirs off in 14 new pix.

Back and front (Andy B of Vienna):

Two for the price of one…

The human flag is a great strength move for showing off what you have got in your upper back…

…and this stocky young trainer is certainly worthy of our attention! Just LOVE his facial expression…

Chelyabinsk gymnasts to end this post… if you need an anatomy lesson on the muscalature of the upper back and shoulders, here’s your man:

…and one of his colleagues on the pommel horse:


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Hunks in Manageable Chunks

Another change of direction for this site. I have closed the second Fitness (Etc) page ( after adding a final 20 images of guys putting their muscles and fitness to good use (so go check them out!). The first one is already full, although still there for you to access (

When I decided to go down the route of separate pages, I overlooked the fact that they don’t ‘wrap’ older stuff to archive – each time you access it, the whole darn lot has to download, and it is starting to take forever to do  that for some folks. However, don’t worry, the images there will be preserved and accessible for quite a while.

Posts on THIS blog page do ‘wrap’ after a certain length, making the links section easier to find and also you can comment on individual posts, which was difficult on the separate pages.

However, we are also up to 99% of the permitted uploads, so my long-standing threat to cull images from old blog posts really will have to happen now. This really is the FINAL WARNING to download anything you fancy keeping: I shall start from the oldest posts, removing whole ranks of images and maybe the entire posts as well. You have been given due notice!

The separate Gay Expression page ( will remain ‘in service’ for a while in the present form but that too, will shortly be too full for comfortable downloading.

SO, APART FROM THAT, THE IMAGE POSTING WILL REVERT TO THE BLOG POSTS, at least for the time being. Interleaved with a bit of news now and again, plus the inevitable book adverts for which this site was originally created.

I will start the (new) ball rolling then, with a few more images in the ‘hunks with muscle’ style… but don’t forget to take a look at those three separate pages as well! Especially ‘Gay Expression’, which I will continue to update for  while.

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Using The Light

For the latest posting on the second Fitness (Etc) page ( I have selected 20 images where the light has been used to great advantage by the photographer (sometimes, I think, by accident!). See what you think…

And now, just a little reminder of what this blog is here for!

Maybe you might like to start with the most recent one of mine:

…the story of Sammy Three Rivers, a gay native American orphaned lad for whom nothing ever seems to go right, and who sets out on foot looking for… well, love, as it turns out, though he’s not all that sure himself at the outset. There are three earlier books (see many other mentions throughout this site) and I am now working on a fifth – completely different again. Help this site to continue by contributing through book purchase – please!

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