As Promised: More Wrestlers

(A good sweat there – how every workout should end!)

(Not shirtless, but we like the pose)

(Another interesting position)

Some threesomes:

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Flex (ible)

So today we’re not flexing muscles – but the whole body! Lots of good side splits – and a few more things you may (not) want to try at home!

Acrobats (and ballet boys) need strength with flexibility, which means not excessive muscle. The secret to develop this way is ‘extension training’ – for example, when doing a push-up, you make the ‘lower back down’ phase last a long time, so the muscle is working while contracting. And meanwhile sitting in splits whenever you watch TV instead of slouching on the couch!

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Absolutely Abs


Well. That’s 50 pix and 51 guys. Want more? Then go look in the mirror… and tell me what you see!

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Buddy Time

A megapost of twosomes – some loving, some performing, some training, some just having fun…. whatever it is you do, doing it with a mate is so much better!

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“Wot – no wrestlers?”… don’t worry, another wrestling megapost is coming up shortly!

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How To be a Tough Guy

Some ideas for you!

Don’t let the rain stop the workout!

It’s a long time since I put an animation in!

Some ideas there, I hope. Don’t forget to check out the separate pages on gymnastics, fitness and acrobatics (1), (2), packed with sporting stuff (including wrestling which I’ve left out here because there are several recent posts (1) (2) and more coming shortly)!

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Works In Progress: Locker Room Shots

Fine lads, not over-muscled (as yet)…


‘Soon-to-be’ locker room?

…and just out of the locker room…

And finally – a ‘temporary’ locker room? The mirrors are good!

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Speedo Boys – and Those Who Forget Them!

Guess who forgot their Speedos! These days, many guys seem perfectly prepared to appear in public in their undies instead. Today’s selection offers both, all presented in public places.

Yep – summer’s coming soon. But Speedos are welcome in the gym too! (But the rest of today’s boys are more in public view)

OK for handstands on the beach!

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Thanks in anticipation. And now – on with the performance.


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The Price of Success!


30 inspirational images for you.

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Gymnasts and Acrobats at Work and Play

Returning to our favourite subject matter! A 50-picture megapost for you.

In the next picture, the ‘point’ is the broken glass under the base’s back. That is easy-peasy stuff: the hard bit is holding the planche on top!

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Now, on with the show (of strength and skill)…

Same boy chalking up his hands…

This next is interesting because each boy is holding a girl in high handstand – yet the photographer (or whoever posted the picture originally) has decided that girls are not welcome in our pictures!

So here are just the boys!



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The Right Routines…

…give the right results!

Here’s a different kind of routine (??):

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