Let’s Apricate!

We’ve learned a new word – thanks to a non-English speaker using a dictionary. It’s what a lot of our ‘guests’ here come for, even at this time of year – sunbathing! Zach was massaging this quite large lady yesterday afternoon, with very little intelligible conversation (given the language difficulties) and when she was finished, she stood up and said to him ‘Now I go apricate!’ Not having a clue, of course, Zach was non-commital! Later, we looked it up in the dictionary. And it is what those lads above are doing, of course, alongside whatever else they are doing which I suspect is a street workout on a bar or two.

The are plenty of choices to occupy you during your aprication, of course…

…not to mention your basic sun lounger by the pool!

This gives me the opportunity to remind you that there are two sides to the sunbathing argument. The first is ‘don’t overcook’, especially the fair skinned, since this can lead to premature skin damage. There are options to combat that although not everyone will choose the method beloved of ancient Russian ladies whose complexions have been ‘enhanced’ through the application of their own urine on a regular basis (or, indeed, someone else’s). It has a sound medical basis, since urea, a principal content of fresh urine, is a known benefit to the skin and you will often notice it as an ingredient in expensive cosmetic products. All I will say on our own account is that there are cheaper (indeed, free) sources of urea and that we occasionally choose to wrestle ‘wet’…

…but not always…

The second part of the argument is that rickets is on the increase because modern folks (including much of the youth) have been scared off being in the sun either by media reports or anxious parents, or indeed never venture in it if they can avoid it because they prefer being glued to their screens. It’s caused by Vitamin D deficiency, and it is becoming a significant problem again in the western world after it had been thought to have been eradicated. In our home country (UK), the sun is never strong enough to provide enough UVB radiation to make vitamin D except between April and October. Down here in the Algarve we have a much longer ‘vitamin D season’ – the sun is weaker now (late November if you’re reading this some other time) but the skies are very clear and temperatures are holding up to 19-20C each day as well, so no excuse to cover up.

Aussies have worried most about sun damaging the skin, with their ‘slip, slap, slop’ mantra (relating to hats, tee-shirts and sun cream) and I guess their sun is pretty fierce. UVB is also inhibited by haze in areas of high population as well as cloud – and the current cycle of warming in the north Atlantic (since the mid 90s) has brought about more cloud and wet weather in much of Europe which is also considered to have added to the rickets problem.

Some more ‘sunny’ pictures, then:

That’s a good demonstration of muscle, strength and fun! So is this:

Five happy guys ready to rumble at the outdoor gym:

These divers are obviously catching some rays, too:

So is this next guy, but I think that the UVB intensity may be a little low for him – along with the temperature! Great feeling for a hard workout though:

…while these lads are quite ‘hardy’ too, I think:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… and a group feeds on mutual encouragement to dip in the icy briny!

Let’s just settle for the summer sun…

…or at least, our late autumn (20C) variety!

…and celebrate the suntan:

Meanwhile, in other news:

(1) Some appreciation of the new book is starting to appear, so let me take this opportunity to promote it again. If the tale of a lonely gay lost soul in search of himself (and his former love) appeals, click on this cover and/or search for

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

(2) With Gary well on the way back to Tennessee, Zach is moving in with us for the rest of his stay here rather than rattle around in an empty apartment. As he’s one of us – Tuan Jie (and readers of the earlier books will know exactly what that means for our evenings and nights) – our cosy twosome…

…will definitely become a threesome much of the time!

OK. A few more ‘gymspiration’ pictures to finish, after the details of the three earlier books just in case:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Happy sailing till next time!



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Foreign Bodies (Assorted)

‘Foreign Bodies’ is what we’re about these days. Mainly Eastern European, Russian and Scandinavian ‘bodies’, brought here by their owners for rest and physical recreation plus a dose of the sun which is so much rarer further north! Top up their Vitamin D for starters. Most come here with good intentions – improve their fitness or continue their existing training regimes in our much better climate, use our gyms and personal training options, indulge in some recreation gymnastics or acrobatics or even some wrestling/boxing if they want. Not to mention chilling by the pools or on the nearby beach! Clothes optional on campus in some areas or at some times. A great vacation for all – couples of any sexual persuasion and families too when the kids are not supposed to be in school (and sometimes when they are!).

But then you probably knew all that already – certainly if you have read any recent posts here! But my title was inspired by two other thoughts of ‘foreign bodies’. For a start, I have one in my left heel. ‘Too much playing around on broken glass’ I hear you say. Actually, walking around (and more) on broken glass is part of our second job here (entertainment), but that’s not what happened. In fact, whatever noxious nasty is embedded in my foot, I think I got it while walking around barefoot in the apartment (we do, to be fair, walk around barefoot here most of the time). But it is deep. Soaking my foot in a bowl of hot water on a regular basis seems to have done very little. Dave tried sucking on it, like you are told in ‘Scouting for Boys’ for snake bites! No joy. Our friend Zach (masseur here for a while) tried massaging it. No joy there either… just some evil-looking gunge came out of an obvious hole, but whatever is in there intends to cling on. So this afternoon I’m off to our on-site clinic where a Portuguese nurse can have a dig around. I hope she’s gentle with me (!) but it hurts a lot from a time to time so a little short-term pain probably is worth the gain (as we say to all our weight trainers anyway!).

And, on the subject of pain, a third (if slightly contrived) reference to Foreign Bodies. Zach’s partner Gary returns to USA tomorrow, leaving Faro airport this evening and overnighting in London. He’s decided that he can’t junk is banking job for the time being but, and probably more importantly, he has a martial arts matter to attend to. His is a high-ranking kung-fu exponent, having trained for more than 20 years with some of the best in Tennessee which includes Chinese immigrants with a long family tradition in the art, from whom he has learn a great deal (and passed some of it on to us, with their blessing, but we’re no way in Gary’s league). Gary can balance on his stomach on one spear point, bend sharp-pointed spears and iron bars on his throat, get run over (without ramps) across his chest or abdomen, and have concrete blocks smashed on all parts of his body including (occasionally) his head. Plus all the obvious stuff like being sandwiched between beds of nails and glass with four or five others on top. He has an amazing steel-like musculature and has been chosen, along with two Chinese friends from Knoxville, to attend a special ‘ultra-tough’ camp in Canada early in January which will be run by Chinese masters (the other ‘Foreign Bodies’!) intent on instilling in them the ability to withstand even tougher aggression against the human body. I think a lot of cold-temperature work is forecast, too. Gary seems very keen and has Zach’s support, of course. Zach will stay here until just before Christmas.

So, plenty going on, as usual, and plenty of fine muscled young men coming up to entertain you.

And, in between, some book adverts. Starting with my latest, a novel about a lonesome young guy at odds with his own sexuality.

…just published, and considered to be a good read by those that have already.

The first one: about Dave and I discovering one another and our shared interests…

The epic continues, and Dave and I decide to become fathers…

A ‘finale’ to the first two: more adventure here (and it’s shorter!)…


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Cooler Evenings

Whilst folks are still spending their days outside in our apparently infallible sunshine here in the eastern Algarve – frequently shirtless like these two guys…

…it is noticeable that when darkness falls (about 6pm currently) and the temperature drops, the shirts (and more!) are back on and folks are disappearing indoors. And reluctant to come and sit in the somewhat cool open-air auditorium for ‘shows’. As performers, we are under a roof and under the slightly warming lights, but appearing near-naked for fakir and acrobatic stuff when it is down to 10C (50F) is starting to feel a little challenging even for us. We do, of course, warm up offstage and get a bit sweaty working anyway, but even so… brrrr!

We’ve also noticed that clientele has changed with the season. It’s currently older couples rather than young groups or families… and the older generation are less interested in what we do and seem to prefer music, comedy and dancing, so we’ve actually written ourselves out of most shows altogether at the moment. It’s all part of the learning curve that show promoters (which we seemingly are) need to follow! I doubt that the auditorium in its present form (audience open to the weather, terraced concrete seating) will find much use during the winter months even though this place will be open more or less continuously. Comparisons with similar facilities in other places confirm the trend. So more focus for us on the gym facilities which are mainly indoor, especially in the evenings: the pools here, although outdoor, are going to be modestly heated from Monday, and the heat-retaining covers for night-time have arrived – so no midnight swims for us staff unless we slope off down to the beach in the moonlight!

OK, that’s a daytime sea, and rougher than normal, even though this is the Atlantic ocean here – some correspondents seem to think that the Algarve is in the Med, but they’re wrong. According to today’s weather charts, we are the warmest place in Europe though, which is, as you might say, ‘kewl’.

We’re spending two evenings a week ‘supervising’ Alfredo and Seb’s “fight-club” friends in our wrestling and boxing area (aka the perma-tent extension to the gym!) where it remains warm enough for them both to work out hard and fight hard in a sort of weird mix of boxing, MMA and wrestling. Other nights they go down to the dunes, light a couple of fires and fight in the dark in the sand, cheered on by their girlfriends who also occasionally join them in our gym. We thought that this “fight club” was just a local thing in the nearest village, but no – apparently it is quite a male youth cult along the coast and we understand that a couple of carloads of Spaniards are coming over the divide (just a motorway bridge in fact!) for a ‘friendly’ match with their Portuguese ‘aficionados’ next week. We’re invited (possibly to participate as well) – could be interesting – although we’re more used to this

..than getting bare knuckles in our faces. So maybe we’ll just watch with the girls and offer ‘helpful’ advice!

Assuming most of you are northern hemisphere readers here, another way to pass the dark evenings indoors is to read a good book. If you can’t find a good one, here’s another option!

My latest modest effort tells the tale of an outcast Native American boy in search of – well, he’s not sure what to start with, being more troubled by his sexuality. His struggles to come to terms with that and to be re-united with the love of his life might evening bring a tear to your eye. Just to set the record straight, the only ‘sex scene’ which is described in any detail in this book is heterosexual, but the boy is gay… I’m hopeful that it will be an interesting read for either sexual orientation, and Christmas is coming… cheap present solution? There are three earlier books, much more about our own earlier lives embellished with a few (mis) adventures and you’ll find their clickable covers at the bottom of this post, just in case…

But now, boys looking after their bodies, as entertainment and inspiration for the majority of readers here. Enjoy.

To end for today, why not play in the middle of the road when a trolleybus could come up behind you at any minute – if the traffic policeman in the background didn’t give you a blast first?


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Soon To Be Three

An opening ‘scowl’ for you. He doesn’t look too happy to be enjoying the ocean! Actually, we’re all a little bit grumpy today. Despite the unbroken sun here (currently 19C (66F)) when it was freezing at home in UK this morning. And the relatively warm sea!

Gary, our great martial arts friend and Zach’s partner, has decided he really does have to go back to the US and resume his job in the bank, at least for the time being. It’s been a real pleasure to have him here, not least for his participation in our shows – his rock steady support of our handstands on his head (for example) gives real confidence, and not least his exceptional talents like balancing on his stomach on one spear point – but because he’s ‘one of us’ – Tuan Jie. One of our close gay brotherhood. Oh well.

Everything is more fun in groups…

…but, for the moment, our foursome…

(that’s not us actually, since you ask)

…must become a threesome…

(nor is that)

Gary’s partner Zach will remain until just before Christmas, fulfilling his duties as a masseur here, since he no longer has a job to go back to in Tennessee, but clearly they will miss each other heaps, so I think that he will go back. Gary has another incentive to go – his high-end martial arts skills. He and a couple of others from his club in Knoxville have accepted a challenge for a TV documentary on “exceptional human skills” to meet up with folks from Canada in a sort of documentary about what the human body is capable of. Sounds great, and we’ll keep you posted when we have more details.

The three of us who remain here, Dave, Zach and I, will be working of course, but also enjoying each other’s company as a trio and without doubt in pairs too…

(well, maybe not that way – no beards here for starters, but a nice position for us to try)

(yes, more like, but there’s no obvious prospect of rain here right now)

…but definitely this way…

…whereupon we shall definitely not be grumpy any more. No, Gary’s decision is a sensible one since there is no permanent prospect of work here for him, and Zach only agreed to be a fill-in masseur as he’s so much an American at heart (well, half Mexican, but we went into all that in the earlier books). Which reminds me to remind you about the new one…

…just click on the cover for a link. A tale of an outcast boy in anguish over his sexuality. The other three are here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

OK. We can mope about losing Gary (and Zach more than us, for obvious reasons) but, for the rest of you, some happy guys looking after their fitness…

To finish for now, a final beach boy for you. And the answer to the question you’re probably about to ask is “I have no idea either!”


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Shirt Story…

…illustrated (naturally!) with shirtless guys!

Since taking up this job in the eastern Algarve full time in mid-July, we have been fortunate in almost never needing to wear a shirt, since we are ‘supervising’ a clientele who are encouraged to enjoy their fitness/leisure/lazing in their own minimalist clothing and, in much of the site, au naturel – as in ‘naked’. Sun-worshippers all, there is little need for them to ‘dress up’ to partake of our gyms, and indeed much of the equipment is outdoors anyway during the summer.

Mid-November now, and the nights have been drawing in (as they say) for many weeks now. And, finally, the temperatures here, held up by almost wall-to-wall sunshine, are noticeably cooler. That’s not to say ‘cold’ (as in British November, for example), since it is still sunny almost every daytime and that holds things up to around 19C (66F)) – quite warm enough for those from the northern climes (like us!) to continue sunbathing comfortably. But nights now are cooling to around 10C (50F) and that’s definitely a little cool for sleeping ‘under the stars’ and certainly cool enough not to be sleeping on the roof terrace uncovered, as were able to do in high summer.

To be fair, temperatures are about the same in Oak Ridge TN where we’ve been living for years. But there, as in UK, temperatures will dive towards freezing later whereas here – and this is why many Brits have chosen to come down here when they retire – they’ll pretty much hold up.

Sea temperature will pretty much hold up too, and swimming is still very much on everyone’s agenda. We’re pretty hardy when it comes to swimming, actually, having enjoyed an arm of the Clinch River (TN) year round. We have even been known to swim under ice once or twice, although perhaps not so dramatically as this guy…

…definitely prefer the ‘kiss’ of the sun on our backs…

The longer dark evenings, except when partly occupied by our evening shows, will give me more time to think about my next book – inspired, of course, to tell the tale of another boy on another ‘quest’ by the thought of y’all buying copies of Let The Future Find Me to give as presents to all your friends! And while this story is about a young gay boy at war with his sexuality, it absolutely does NOT have explicitly gay scenes and should be a good read for any of your straight friends too. So make me happy and get down to your local bookshop right now and enjoy some SQUIRT…

…AHA – did I catch you out there? Yes, ‘go squirt’ is the message!

Meanwhile, I’ll try and make you happy with some more pictures of fit shirtless guys!

One wet boy deserves another…

Finally, one token vest (to justify the post title maybe) – but happily the guy takes it off and goes outside!




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‘Must Try Harder’…

…as my schoolmasters used to say! Not one, not two, but THREE mistakes in the link I gave you in the previous post. Thanks to Frédéric in France for pointing that out! One letter missed out of the YouTube item code, two letters switched round, and an unnecessary ‘www’. Oh dear. So…

Let’s try again: https://youtu.be/AumR1rQJLWQ

And now, some guys who really are trying their hardest! Handstand endurance…

‘Dish holds’ to strengthen the back and shoulders…

Back room at the gym…

All of those pictures from the lads in Andrey Telytsin’s gymnastics centre in Chelyabinsk. And now we’ll spread the net a little bit wider – and the shoulders!…

Maximum effort in training brings rewards…

You don’t have to be big to be strong and fit…

…still pretty fit those guys, and they’ve clearly been making the effort! Fitness is something to be pleased about…

It’s actually quite hard to find fitness images in which the subjects actually look happy! So let these guys indulge…

Maybe I should just remind you that there are actually FOUR of my books out there…

…just click on the covers for publisher/purchase information. And now, one final happy fitness dude who clearly has ‘tried harder’!


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YouTube Teaser

Try this link… (which I have now corrected I hope – must have one too many glasses of red wine!! – note added 13/11/17)


Quite neat, huh? Pity that the first half is a bit fuzzy, especially when the writing appears on screen word by word. Don’t blame me – the publisher did it. And if it leads to some sales of the new book…

…so much the better!

And now, since no other news of importance, just some entertainment relating to you fit guys! Starting with a possible solution if you misplace your dumbbells. Enjoy.

Thanks to Pavl Rycl for that one…

Some youngsters who plan to be fit…

…and some who clearly already are:

Wet boys are somehow special! Here’s another:

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Crimean War #2?

This is meant to be what it’s all about, right? … … …

…coming to our vacation complex either to get fit or to soak up the sun, or a mixture of both? So far, that has been what the guests have certainly been keen to do. Swim… beach or pool… eat the food, make friends and be happy…

…until yesterday! I’ve mention that this venue is target on Russia, eastern Europe and Scandinavia as a result of those who have invested in it. And so, in our gym on Sunday, there were a couple of lads from Russia. As it turned out, from the Russian army and on leave. Russian lads tend to be pretty fit, and I’ve often featured them here enjoying their bar workouts…

Our local staffer Alfredo was ‘on duty’ in the gym in case anyone wanted help or advice. Dave and I were off duty and preparing a meal for the four of us (that’s with Zach and Gary) for later in the day. And enjoying a glass of wine while we did it. Gary was teaching some very basic kung fu moves to some kids out in the grounds somewhere, and Zach was massaging a large gentleman who had clearly been over-eating bigtime.

And then the radios went off ballistic, summoning all available staff plus security to the gym, where all is normally peace, quiet music if Alf remembered to switch it on, gentle conversation between gasps of effort, and general harmony.

It seems that two other guys overheard the two Russians talking in their own language, and understood that they were discussing their part in the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. Alfredo, of course, hadn’t a clue what they were speaking about. Two other guys, however, we thought to be from Poland, overheard and did understand. And one of the ”Poles happened to have been born in the eastern part of Ukraine where the current Russian-inspired civil war is going on. And therefore not at all happy about Russia having invaded and annexed part of his homeland.

Apparently, they dropped their weights and the mother and father of all fights broke out. By the time we arrived on the scene, all four had been restrained by security and some other visitors along with our staffers. Blooded faces, some damage to our equipment, and all four still screaming abuse at one another. The local police had to be involved, which is something we should all have preferred not to happen, but these four were clearly out of anyone’s control.

All four spent a night in the cells in Faro, as we understand the situation. The Russians will be allowed back in under escort to pack their bags when they are released, while the Poles (after a lot of discussion) were considered by ‘management’ to have been provoked and will be allowed to continue their vacation – and that’s a heavily Russian-backed management, by the way. Obviously we’ve had some staff meetings, but the management are canny enough to understand the political situation in Crimea as viewed from western Europe and wanted to be seen to do the right thing.

So, not the publicity we would have liked – ‘blues and two’s’ roaring up to the gates – but the law seem to think that we all did the right thing. Alfredo had to go and give a statement at the Police Station this morning, along with some of the others first on the scene: we’ve been clearing up and reassuring any other gym users who heard about the commotion that all is well. And fixing the broken cable pulls which one of the Russian tried to twist around a Pole’s neck. Yeucch!

You know – it would make a good story. Something to follow the newly-released book? Actually, I’ve already started a different fifth book, so maybe I’ll be able to involve the 2016-2017 Crimea troubles in it. Who knows? And in the meantime, feel free – no, feel positively driven – to buy a copy of Let The Future Find Me! Clicking on the cover will lead straight to a page where you can buy direct from the Publisher, which will help to support this blog. And don’t forget there are three earlier books which are much more about gay relationships, fitness, circus performance and adventure. Go explore: their covers will be found at the end of this post (because WordPress is behaving oddly today, they are also in reverse order so the first one is on the right (Loving the Boy)).

OK. More fitness pictures, and no fighting:

Just four more to go…

And for a finale… something a little more acrobatic…

Still with us? Excellent. Then you probably like what we like… and so, especially if you are gay-friendly, you will probably like the three earlier books (shown here in reverse order because WordPress is being weird today) – our discovery of gay love, a love of gym and acrobatics, touring with the circus, having adventures… clicking on these covers leads you to their publisher (a different one from Let The Future Find Me) for purchase. And there are e-versions of all four out there, on Amazon and all the usual places. Enjoy, and see you again soon!

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Been Going Soft?


Our  long term friends Zach and Gary, working here with us in the Algarve for a while, have jokingly accused us (that’s Dave and I) of ‘going soft on your training’. That’s absolutely not true (we have to maintain fitness and skills for our show appearances)… but we certainly haven’t indulged in the rather intense gym sessions that we used to share with them back in Tennessee.

No show to do on a Saturday evening, so the four of us decided to set to in the near empty gym. Zach and I worked together on bench presses for half an hour while Dave and Gary did assorted cable pull-downs (narrow grip, wide grip and ‘behind neck’). This means ‘non-stop – as soon as one has done their set they jump out and ‘spot’ for the partner. On bench press we racked up the weights to our maximum over ten minutes or so, kept that up for a bit, then would it down over the final ten minutes as our strength started to ebb. Unsurprising that the bench had a pool of our sweat on it and that we were ‘glistening’ and pretty much ‘worked out’ by then.

Like him – except that we weren’t wearing shorts or tops! Obviously.

After that, it was a question of  switching to the shoulder/arm work on the cable pull-downs while Dave and Gary took over on bench presses. Upper bodies pretty much ‘wrecked’ by the end of the hour, and so time for the sauna, we decided. It’s normally closed at that time of night, but we have staff passes and the option to use facilities as we wish.

And we didn’t need underwear either. We’re using the ‘clothes-optional’ half of site, after all!

After that, a few lengths of the pool in a very slight drizzle to better relax the tired muscles. Showers, a bit of mutual massage, back to Zach and Gary’s apartment for a glass of wine to fully relax… and then, because we are four loving gay friends who have been together for years and sharing one another with perfect trust and safety in such matters, on to their bed…

It may not seem like it, but we are actually here to work! Managing two gym areas (both  of which have indoor and outdoor areas and one has an extended ‘tented’ addition containing a boxing ring (mainly for the Russians) and mats where oil wrestling and such other activities can be indulged. Plus assisting any guests with their personal training, entertaining the younger kids with basic gymnastics and acrobatics, massage (Zach) and performing acrobatics, tumbling and fakir stuff on certain evenings. And having huge fun doing it all, especially since our two friends joined us.

It has been an amazing summer here weather-wise – and generally without the curse of high humidity and occasional tornados with which Tennessee was blessed. We miss our two kids and the rest of our friends, but we have the possibility to get together at Christmas – we shall see. And it is still to be wall-to-wall sunshine for the next seven days at least, although maximum temperatures are now down to 22C (72F) – still pretty OK for working and spending most of our free time shirtless. As we love to do.

So, our basic message is – young or old, it’s never too late to start thinking hard about your fitness! Find a friend or two, encourage one another, find a gym, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice and help, especially if you can’t figure out to use the machines. A personal trainer will go you a programme which is safe for your age and fitness level and ambitions, and anyone in the gym will always be willing to offer advice if you ask for it. No-one is ever going to say “this isn’t for you – get lost!” Give it a go…

Some more encouragement:

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Time on Our Hands

As so often the case, a post title with a double meaning! For the pictures, at least for the start, you can take it literally.

Last night we had ‘time on our hands’ when we had to cancel the planned show here at the vacation centre. After nearly five months, it finally RAINED. Proper rain, not just a misty drizzle off the sea. And since our auditorium is open-air (as far as the audience is concerned), we had to cancel. I guess that an open-air theatre in this climate is quite a reasonable idea for much of the year, given that this is the first ever cancellation!

Not that it was cold. The temperatures here are holding up well. So Dave and I, along with our dear friends Zach and Gary, took to our roof terrace to wrestle in the rain, slipping and sliding around on our mats. The roof area does have lighting, which we hardly ever have used – there’s enough reflected light to see by. In fact, a very pleasant space on any autumnal evening and, as we said to ourselves, ‘never mind the weather!’

So there we were. Wrestle – some (inevitable within our group) gay ‘fun’, then repair to the sauna for a time which we had to ourselves. And then, because we can and instead of the plunge pool, back in the rain naked for a run around the circuit on the ‘clothes optional’ part of the campus!

Fun, fun. Anyone might wonder why four ‘middle-aged’ men indulge in these things, but sometimes we still think of ourselves as teenagers! Oh well.

Here’s another way of passing the time if you have ‘time on your hands’…

The publisher has classified it as ‘gay romance’. I wasn’t sure what to call it really… but I do think it to be a good yarn about a lonely gay boy troubled – seriously troubled – by his sexuality and in pursuit (or possibly fleeing from) his one gay partner. Click on the clover and support  this blog through getting yourselves a good read. Your time will be well spent and will pass quickly enough!

So, a nice collection of gymnasts and acrobats spending ‘time on their hands’ in various ways. Hope you like. A little endurance test to finish!


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