Sporting groups! Gymnasts, weight trainers, wrestlers, swimmers… hope you like!

(I KNOW… that’s a ‘team’ of porn artists. But… … …)

(Don’t forget to look up all the gymnasts on the other pages on this sites!)


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Two Ways to Spend Time With Your Bestie

#1: Wrestle!

48 new images just added to the WRESTLING GALLERY #2 !!

#2: If you should happen to be a gay couple:

A new update of CARING AND SHARING too!

Do go explore those other pages… like the GENTLY GAY one, to which I added a few extras including this rather sweet drawing:

I wonder if that does for you what it does for us…

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“Ready to Train…”

“Ready to Train… Take the Strain… Endure the Pain… Enjoy the Gain!”

Absolutely! Here’s Rex at the start of his 100-pushup challenge. We’ll come back to him later…

Here’s someone suitably dressed for his rear-delt flies, with a couple of other shirtless lifters in the background:

Shoulders and abs in one go…

Rex is still hard at work in his bathroom, more than half way through and getting sweaty

Just the abs next: but why not actually take that vest off?

Getting ready to ‘do’ the abs while hanging upside down: I think he needs a slightly higher bar!

OK, let’s hit those weights:

…or just the bodyweight will do, of course…

Here are some more hard-working ‘sweat raisers’:

Skipping is great for cardio – and for sweating, especially out in the sun… running too:

(Ooh – wonder if that one will get past Tumblr’s bots… they’ve killed two of my recent posts with just bare chests on them, so we’ll see what happens when WordPress shares it)

Someone seems to have been working out before bed…

Rex finally gets there!

Well done, that boy!! If your routine hasn’t raised a sweat, then you haven’t worked hard enough!! Here’s someone else headed in the right direction…

And where better to go next than the sauna – sweat and relax the muscles at the same time!

…and get the photographer to do a sweaty close-up of those excellent abs and chest…

So there we go. Sweat = progress! Effort = reward! Let’s get to it!

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“Don’t Look Up!”

It seems to be a rule for a lot of fitness guys in photos!

Abs are maybe more interesting than the photographer? “Count those muscles…!”

“Am I highlighted enough?”

“OK, I’m got soap in my eyes, right?”

It’s all about ‘abs-miration’, isn’t it!

Not too bad, that one – whereas this next probably has some excuse!

Maybe it is to direct the viewer’s eye to what the model most wants to show off…?

Too focused on the camera to notice how obscured his body is! Here’s another:

…And if he was going to hitch up his shorts to show off his quad development, he forgot! Some more of the same:

At least he’s looking at what he’s doing… and checking out your shoulders is a change from checking the abs:

Looking down with a good reason:

A different reason?

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In all the pictures I have lined up waiting to post, I’m surprised by how many of them are so obviously ‘posed’. Especially so for the ‘selfies’. I shall be looking out for more ‘candid’ shots of muscle in action in the future! Meanwhile, today’s ‘posers’ are for sure ‘imposing’! Again, some seem to be rather stern-faced, like this next one… but look at the rest of what they have to offer!

He looks to have oiled up for the occasion: here’s a few more who have applied the baby oil:

OK, let’s put the oil bottle down for now! smiling Dan has the bulk but needs work on the definition!

The more obvious ‘gym bunnies’ have built bulk AND definition…

Any thoughts on that one? Proportions don’t seem right…

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Out, and About…

That’s ‘out’ as in enjoying the outdoors, and not ‘out’ in the LGBT sense. Well, not for today, anyway!

Guys enjoying themselves and, in some cases, showing us how fit they are. Some are even smiling!

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Best Buds

There’s something amazing about guys enjoying doing something together, especially when the shirts come off and if it’s something to do with sport (I hope these lot are not watching porn!)  or, indeed, if it is actual ‘love’ (as in gay)…

Just updated CARING AND SHARING page, which celebrates gay attraction, by the way.

For the rest of this post, we celebrate guys enjoying doing stuff together. sometimes one-to-one, which is kind of special: sometimes in larger groups. Hope you like.


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What’s The Story?

Sometimes we come across a picture which begs a question…

The expressions on the faces of the onlookers don’t help – those nearer the left look aghast, those nearer the right are laughing. Is he ill? Is he wrestling an invisible opponent? Possibly that shadow on the grass confirms that. Any which way, I’ve updated WRESTLING GALLERY #2 so go check out a load of new pictures there! Some tasters:

Now check this out:

They don’t look too happy, do they? Ready to fight? Twins posing? Who knows? But a great image, accentuated by greying out the background, which is a feature of all images found at by the way. Or this one?

Shower-room ragging? A bit of unkind mockery? Something a bit “gay”? No idea… but that reminds me that I have updated the GENTLY GAY page as well! Not to forget some more at GYMNASTS GALLERY #2 and HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #2.

OK. The next ‘group hug’ looks a lot more friendly! Swim-team frolics, I think:

Here we have a bizarre outfit, chosen I suspect by the photographer just for effect:

Unless the guy is into bondage, obviously!

Now then:

Shall we just say that he’s a well-muscled lad, ‘dressed’ up for the photographer and with a discreet hand in the right place?

I know the answer to this next one:

That’s a Russian rhythmic gymnastics / dance display team, wound up for the occasion! And here they are in performance, just for the record:

Some competition from the Scandinavians:

Enough for today. I’ve posted about 60 new images in various places around the site, so just go and explore! There are many for which you can make up your own back stories!

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Chest Day!

…as we say after a successful workout in the gym (for those of us who are able to get into gyms at the moment). Let’s celebrate some good work. Some great abs thrown in too…


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Sun’s Up!

Summer here in the N hemisphere: things are hotting up and the boys are showing us what they’ve got!

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