The Younger Generation

This page is dedicated to the younger generation who are clearly determined to getting fit for their chosen sport. Please be assured that only ‘appropriate’ images will be shown here, and almost exclusively images which are already in circulation on the net.

This page is presented to respect the lads who know that, to achieve their goals, hard work is needed… and are prepared to put in the hours to get what they want.

BE AWARE: unlike other pages, new material may be inserted anywhere in the various categories!

Page last updated: 2nd September 2020

New material added for Old School Gym (Fifties and Sixties), First Steps in Acrobatics (School, Nineties), Kickboxer Mark, Junior wrestlers, Acrobat boy Ilya, plus several new ‘lifters’ and a diver

This Young Man’s Dedication to Fitness says It All! … …

School PE (Old Style)

Boys Being Boys (Oh Dear!)

I did say that this page was for boys working on their fitness, but I couldn’t resist these two. Just wait until mum gets back…

Being Inspired



New Fitness Dudes:


…lots more of each lower down the page

Already Inspired – One Determined Little Dude into Several Sports – Zachary C

Pick a card to choose the next exercise?

He has a Facebook page with videos, too. Go Zach!

First Steps in Basic Acrobatics – A Series of Pictures from a British Primary School between 1987 and 1991

Developing that basic sense of place and balance – and of the cameraderie in working with a partner that you learn to trust, keeping each other safe

From a purely professional point of view, I would have to say that we are surprised by the absence of safety mats, and wonder if any of them fell on their heads.


Lifters, Obviously (and Bodyweight Trainers)

Acrobat Ilya from Ukraine



Muay Thai, Kickboxing etc.

Swimmers and Divers

Some Young Wrestlers


Either because I am not sure where to put them, or cannot be bothered to move them!

Hmmm. Rather obviously photo-shopped, but still…

Wrestling: In a rare duplication on this site, here is a really sweaty wrestle match (also in Wrestling Gallery #2) – these two lads are really into it:

Miscellaneous Fitness

12yo Kickboxer

Where better to start than with a young (12yo for these pics) Russian lad who styles himself ‘kikboxer.mark’

Miscellaneous (mainly gymnasts but starting with swimmers)


Some posers…but they’ve definitely put in the work…