Wrestling Gallery #1

Shirtless wrestling here (no collegiate-style suits for us, except rarely!) – and barefoot preferably, although that is sometimes hard to find when the guys are in the ring. Enjoy!


8th December 2019

Massive Update!

Schoolboy Pin time, now:

And, finally, the oil pit!

20th October 2019


That one x ‘Fighting Kids’ from South Africa. Obviously staged, but fun. Here’s one more from that stable… loads more further down the page

Fighting in a kilt… interesting!

OK – no opponent there… but a wrestler for sure, in training! This one too!

3rd October 2019


17th September 2019


2nd September 2019

Here we go again. Some more ‘fighting kids’ and the rest.

29th August 2019

20 more – some ‘vintage’.

27th August 2019

Some vintage, some kirkpinar, some mud… some more!

…and one more of Jordan (see previous update, below):

24rd August 2019

A few more, starting with more ‘fighting kids’ from RSA.

Maybe that’s not strictly wrestling, but it is the ‘aftermath’ if you like, which ‘Fighting Kids’ seem to like to post. In fact, here’s a couple more in that respect, the first being the end of the bout between lime green and red trucnks:

Now back to business:

The rest of today’s feature UK wrestler Reece Jorden…

And a slightly younger Jordan to finish with:

11th August 2019

30th July 2019

Two days later and we’re back with more!

A ‘Fighting Kids’ shot to begin (and a “raw” historic one to finish…!):


And, finally as promised:

28th July 2019

More ‘grunt ‘n groan’…

21st July 2019 (2)

Two updates on the same day! More ‘ordinary’ wrestlers, rather than the ‘Fighting Kids’ which you will find below.

…and don’t let us forget the experience of the oil pit:

21st July 2019 (1)

More ‘fighting kids from RSA (courtesy Ser Fetund, who is one of them I think). Some are very obviously staged, but fun anyway.

I’m just wondering if the assailant there is a girl. some of them are… oh well…

Bring on the feet…

…and some triples:

Get the gloves on:

Up against the wall…

And, finally, the very obviously ‘staged’ – at least I hope so:

14th July 2019

Just a small general update!

1st July 2019

This update starts with the South African Kids who appear for fightingkids.com

One hopes they get well paid for their appearances. Moving on:

In the snow there – looks fun? If not snow, mud?

Oil then!

21st June 2019

Another update – mainly amateur/fun wrestling this time

Here’s an odd one: flat roof with water on it, or oil pit?

This one seems to be in the fog! Never mind…


Quite an ‘oldie’ there. Some more:

The perfect arena?

Briefly, back in the ring:

Posed, but nice:

A seasonal variation:

OK, back to basics!

Why stop at four on the mat?

Finally, a bout on the beach!

16th June 2019

Some more

He’s ready to punish the abs… and two more ab claws to follow:

That one courtesy of Roman, NovelArt

I fear that one was posed for a swimwear catalogue… but never mind.This next is hardly a wrestling match either, but looks good fun:

Now we get in the oil pit:

…and, finally, raw…

12th June 2019

Maybe this is a little ‘off-topic’, but I offer below a short collection of gut-punching pictures. It occurs in the ring, and it turns up when two guys want to test out each other’s abs. We don’t necessarily advocate this sort of thing either unless your muscles are well prepared – Houdini died as a consequence of an unexpected blow to the abdomen: can lead to a ruptured spleen, so take care.

(Since the challenged guy is holding a knife, presumably this is from a film or a self-defence video)

Then we have the challenge during gym workouts…

The rest of these come from the South African ‘Fighting Kids’ stable – a pay site which offers wrestling, foot fighting (yum!) videos and pictures sets, some of which find their way on to the open net.

9th June 2019

An update with a bias towards ‘wrestler 4 Hire’: starting with a couple of very sweaty boys!

…followed by some rather WET wrestlers!

The one you’ve been waiting for? … … …

And, when it’s all over… time to relax!

30th May 2019

A random collection starting with some real oldies.