Wrestling Gallery #1

Shirtless wrestling here (no collegiate-style suits for us!) – and barefoot preferably, although that is sometimes hard to find when the guys are in the ring. Enjoy!

9th May 2019

Perhaps the perfect start. Mats on the lawn in the sun: 4 lads, one behind the camera and two at a time on the mats, all taking turns. Enjoy these 18 images (sorry, they do not enlarge).

We’ll stay outdoors for a moment:

One could maybe be forgiven for thinking those two were not wrestling, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

OK – indoors now. Mats first.

Carpets, basements, hallways…

On the bed, even:

And into the ring now. A lot of these come from 88Wrestling, to whom many thanks! Also Wrestler4Hire and Rock Hard Wrestling.

Mostly, we lose the bare feet here in favour of those ridiculous boots. Oh well, never mind.

Great sweat there! More to come…

And, finally, this one could be anywhere!